1st Edition

Transformation Jung's Legacy and Clinical Work Today

Edited By Alessandra Cavalli, Lucinda Hawkins, Martha Stevns Copyright 2014
    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book offers a challenging reading of the legacy of C.G. Jung, who offered fascinating insights into the psyche. It is intended for clinicians of different schools who are interested in a deeper understanding of the relationship between patient and analyst.

    Introduction -- Re-Reading Jung -- On revisiting the opening chapters of Memories, Dreams, Reflections -- Affect -- A vindication of jung’s unconscious and its archetypal expression: Jung, and Matte Blanco -- Reversal and recovery in trauma: unrepresentability in Bion, Jung, and Fordham -- Technique: Transference and Countertransference -- Jung’s concept of psychoid unconsciousness: a clinician’s view -- The world through blunted sight: money matters and their impact on the transference -- Technique: Borderline And Psychosis -- Defences of the core self: borderline functioning, trauma, and complex -- Beneath the skin: archetypal activity in psychosis -- Technique: Integration -- Creating a skin for imagination, reflection, and desire -- From not knowing to knowing: on early infantile trauma involving separation -- The Future -- Friendship: beyond Oedipus*


    Cavalli, Alessandra