1st Edition

Transformational Entrepreneurship

Edited By Vanessa Ratten, Paul Jones Copyright 2019
    224 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    224 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    To achieve progress in society and business practices, more entrepreneurship is needed to encourage action and enhance social capital in society, and transformational entrepreneurship may be the key. Transformational entrepreneurship offers a way of integrating sustainability practices whilst focusing on sustainable future trends.

    This book discusses how transformational entrepreneurship uses novel business practices to reduce inequality in the marketplace and how it transforms society through creative solutions that enable change. The book provides useful insight into better understanding this emerging concept.

    1 Transformational entrepreneurship: an overview Vanessa Ratten and Paul Jones 2 Disclosure of social impact in agrifood entrepreneurial initiatives Elisa Baraibar-Diez, Maria Odriozola and Ladislao Luna Sotorrio 3 Sustainable transformational entrepreneurship at Arouca UNESCO geopark, Portugal Vanessa Ratten, Antonio Duarte, Carla Susana Marques and Vitor Braga 4 Development of transformational social entrepreneurship through innovation determinants in the handicraft industry of the Wayuu community in Colombia Stephanie Juliette Moreno Hernández, Jessica Rubiano Moreno and Carlos López Hernández 5 Innovation in informal ethnic entrepreneurship – a result of the opening of the EU’s borders? Alexandra David and Judith Terstriep 6 Exploring the excellence in socially responsible human resource practices: a case study from Spain Jesus Barrena-Martinez, Macarena Lopez-Fernandez and Pedro Romero-Fernandez 7 The post-mining boom: what next? the innovation agenda of Fortescue Metals Group: a qualitative case study Ethan Samuel Miller and Joanna Poyago-Theotoky 8 Individual innovativeness, entrepreneurial creativity and religious capital: the role of transformational entrepreneurship in Tunisia Waleed Omri 9 Cultural leadership ideals and cultural practices leading to women’s participation in transformational entrepreneurial leadership Pedro Torres and Mário Augusto 10 Open innovation, knowledge creation and capability building: the case analysis of transformational entrepreneurship at Alibaba and SHOP.COM Connie Zheng and Cynthia Laurin 11 Collaborative innovation: a viable strategy to solve complex transformational social issues in sport? Anne Tjønndal 12 The future for transformational entrepreneurship Vanessa Ratten and Paul Jones


    Vanessa Ratten is Associate Professor at La Trobe University, Australia.

    Paul Jones is Professor at Coventry University, United Kingdom.

    "As an expert in academic entrepreneurship, this is a must-read book. Transformational Entrepreneurship is a useful guide full of important information for those interested in entrepreneurship and its impact on society. The creation of a company is no longer an objective by itself as nowadays public administrators and entrepreneurs also look for ways to have a positive impact on the global economy. This book delves into the effects of entrepreneurship by presenting case studies from Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Colombia by analysing a range of issues including the role of multinational corporations, women in society and regional trading blocs." — David Rodeiro Pazos, Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance Department, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    "Transformational Entrepreneurship is a must-read for anyone interested in the field of entrepreneurship. Vanessa Ratten and Paul Jones provide a breakthrough piece of scholarship through profound insight into the transformational role of entrepreneurship and the implications it has for scholars and practitioners. The book helps to understand transformational entrepreneurship through a comprehensive, insightful and up-to-date overview of the field. The editors are to be congratulated not only for conceiving the need for this book but also for bringing together an extraordinary international team of authors who offer a significant contribution to entrepreneurship scholarship and practice." — Dr Allan Discua Cruz, Lecturer, Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation, Lancaster University

    "This collection of research studies investigates transformational entrepreneurship within a variety of contexts (e.g. agricultural, tourism, sport, and handicrafts industries). It explores how a broad range of factors, including social innovation, corporate social responsibility, gender, and ethnicity, affect the way that entrepreneurs bring about transformations in society and, as such, advances understanding of this important and emerging field of study. It is a book which I recommend to all those interested in learning more about transformational entrepreneurship in different contexts." —Tobias Pret, Pace University, USA

    "The conceptual developments, illustrations and diversity of scholarly work presented in Transformational Entrepreneurship unite two fields that have grown apart, that is social entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship. Consequently, this book is a must-read for scholars researching and/or teaching in entrepreneurship, sustainable development and international development work. The book provides an original approach to examine entrepreneurship balancing social, ecological and economical sustainability. The book thereby is immensely helpful to entrepreneurship scholarship and practice."Marcela Ramírez Pasillas, Assistant Professor, Programme Director of the Bachelor in Sustainable Enterprise Development, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University

    "Ratten and Jones have collected and edited interesting chapters together, which offers new insights on the topic traditionally known as social entrepreneurship... [They] share their insights on the concept of transformational entrepreneurship: it might give most of its value as an engine that takes the social aspects into consideration without losing the benefits that a highly-performing firm founder aims at when trying to enter the market. As a multiply level phenomenon, transformational entrepreneurship offers new perspectives into theory and practice, and its conceptualisation has got an interesting beginning with this book, especially as an extension to what we already know from the social entrepreneurship literature." Management: Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies, 2018

    "This book highlights the importance of transformational entrepreneurship as an emerging area that links with the literature on social and sustainable entrepreneurship, the transformational entrepreneurship. In summary, this book provides relevant insights into how transformational entrepreneurship can be facilitated by focusing on innovative behaviours in communities, and also the different stakeholder perspectives must be considered in studies about transformational entrepreneurship. [...] I recommend this book and will use it in my teaching as well as in my own research in transformational entrepreneurship. The language makes it easily accessible for students, establishing a thread between theory and practice." —International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship, 2019, Book Review

    "Overall, this book is therefore successful in developing the concept of transformational entrepreneurship and its potential for economic and societal impact. It demonstrates compelling ways in which wider societal impacts can be achieved and is suggestive of future avenues for further development... the book achieves its aims in gathering together a fascinating collection of chapters that highlight the importance of transformational entrepreneurship and, further, of understanding the networks through which entrepreneurs operate and the embedded nature of entrepreneurial activities and their implications. This book makes a valuable contribution to these ongoing debates."Oliver Mallett, University of Stirling, UK, The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2019, Vol. 20 Issue 1

    "One effect of the economic crisis in the corporate world has been to reevaluate the role of entrepreneurship in ensuring that there is a solid industrial fabric to support the creation of wealth, employment, and welfare. […] The result has been the emergence of transformational entrepreneurship and this is the object of analysis of this book. There is still no clear definition for this state-of-the-art topic but thanks to its novelty, this book will be of interest not only to policymakers but also to those involved in the fields of research and education with an interest in entrepreneurship. […] The result of this collaborative work is an inspirational and thorough text. One conclusion to be drawn after reading the book is that the concept of transformational entrepreneurship will enable further insights and discussion. It is therefore important that future empirical transformational entrepreneurship studies evaluate how different types of innovation and social collaborative practices affect both the economic and social goals of this form of entrepreneurship." — Virginia Barba-Sánchez, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2019, Vol. 20 Issue 1