1st Edition

Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing

Edited By Lynda Monk, Eric Maisel Copyright 2021
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    In Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients: A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing, more than 50 coaches, therapists, and journaling experts from around the world share their best practices and explain in detail how they use journaling to improve their work with clients.

    This edited collection brings together the leading voices of the journaling world into one ground-breaking volume, providing practical techniques and tools to use with clients. Applicable and accessible, over 50 journaling luminaries share their experiences and insights across eight sections, including the logic of journaling, techniques and applications, using journaling with clients, journaling in groups, journaling for mental health and wellness, growth and healing, spirituality, creativity, and more. Through theoretical and practical applications, it illustrates the transformational process of journaling in helping clients grow, heal, and achieve their goals.

    This book is essential reading for coaches, therapists, and other mental health professionals, as well as those interested in using personal writing for growth and self-awareness.

    PART I The Logic of Journaling

    1. A Therapist’s Guide to Using Journaling with Clients (Susan Borkin)

    2. Journal Therapy: Foundations of Practice (Kathleen Adams)

    3. How Journaling Benefits Your Coaching and Your Clients (A M Carley)

    4. Journaling Your Way to a More Authentic Life (Eric Teplitz)

    5. The Focused Journal Method (Eric Maisel)

    PART II Using Journaling with Clients

    6. Journaling for Busy Coaches and Clients (Hannah Braime)

    7. "Best Outcome" Journaling (Steevie Jane Parks)

    8. The Power of the Weekly Check-in (Sheryl Garratt)

    9. Mindfulness Writing: A Background for Coaches (Beth Jacobs)

    10. Patricia’s Bold Journey from Confusion to Clarity Through Journaling (Coleen Chandler)

    11. The Conflict Coaching Road Map for Journaling (Linda Dobson) 

    12. Ideal Conversations (Kim Ades)

    PART III Journaling for Mental Health and Wellness

    13. Creative Journaling for Self-Care (Nicolle Nattrass)

    14. Writing Through Recovery (Gail Heney)

    15. Journaling to Manage Anxiety (Nick Lazaris)

    16. When the Words Won’t Come—Journal Keeping Without Words (Maureen Szulejewska)

    17. Journaling for Dating Anxiety (Nefeli Soteriou)

    18. Amplified Journaling (Francesca Aniballi)

    PART IV Journaling for Growth and Healing

    19. Journaling Your Stories for Growth and Healing (Sandra Marinella)

    20. The Dao of Expressive Writing to Heal (John F. Evans & Shu Cao Mo)

    21. Writing to Your Future Self (April Bosshard)

    22. Journaling and the Reinvention of the Self One Loop at a Time (Meryl Cook)

    23. Mindful Writing for Transformation (Jen Johnson)

    24. Visual Journaling: How to Create a Dialogue With Your Subconscious Mind (Cherry Jeffs)

    25. Creating Change in Three Steps (Aneesah Wilhelmstätter)

    26. The Trauma-Sensitive Writing Process (Emelie Hill Dittmer)

    27. Healing Organs through Nonverbal Color Journaling (Pragati Chaudhry)

    28. Journaling for Coach and Therapist Self-Care (Lynda Monk)

    PART V Spiritual and Nature Journaling

    29. Meditate on Paper (Kimberly Wulfert)

    30. Journaling and the Shadow (Heidi Hinda Chadwick)

    31. Journaling Through the Seasons (Midori Evans)

    32. The Elements of Journaling (Sasha Boyle)

    33. Nature Metaphors for Journaling and Therapeutic Writing (Jackee Holder)

    PART VI Journaling and Creativity

    34. The Visioning® Process: Turning Dreams into Reality Through Collage and the Creative Journal Method (Lucia Capacchione)

    35. Weaving the Net: Journaling and Creative Productivity (Shannon Borg)

    36. Journaling with Your Inner Muse: 5 Simple Techniques to Overcome Creative Blocks (Diane Hopkins)

    37. Altered Book Journaling: Re/voicing Re/finding of Self (Chris Leischner)

    PART VII Journaling with Groups and Leaders

    38. Loving is a Creative Act: Facilitating the Four Practices of Writing Alone Together (Ahava Shira)

    39. Journaling in the Virtual Space (Jennifer Britton)

    40. Journal Partners: Two People, Two Journals, More Benefits (Krupal Bhagat and Sarah King)

    41. The Women’s Writing Circle: Creating a Community Space through Writing and Sharing (Nancy Johnston and Shehna Jabbar-Javeed)

    42. Expressing Feelings in the Virtual Journaling Group (Mary Ann Burrows)

    43. Positive Vision Days for Busy Leaders: How a Longing Created a Vision (Fiona Parashar)

    44. Journaling in Leadership Workshops (Juhua Wu)

    PART VIII Techniques and Applications

    45. Journaling as a Transformational Coaching Tool: 5 Powerful Journaling Exercises for Coaches and Clients (Emma Louise Elsey)

    46. Spontaneous Writing for Reluctant Clients (Liz Crocker)

    47. Journaling with Poetry: Embracing Change Through Poetic Process (Cynthia Holloway Kelvin)

    48. Refreshing Experience with the Most Powerful of Writing Craft Tools (Sheila Bender)

    49. Writing and Not Writing (Liz Verna)

    50. More Journals, Fewer Lesson Plans: Using Reflective Journaling to Create School Culture (Jude Walsh)

    51. Journaling as a Tool in Coaching Clients (Joyce Chapman)



    Lynda Monk is the Director of the International Association for Journal Writing. She is the co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection. She created Life Source Writing: A 5 Step Reflective Journaling Method.

    Eric Maisel is the author of 50+ books, among them The Power of Daily Practice, Lighting the Way, Coaching the Artist Within, Mastering Creative Anxiety, and The Van Gogh Blues.

    "This compendium of wisdom on journal writing offers sage advice on the promises, pitfalls, perils, and pleasures of journaling as a path of self-knowledge, insight, and healing. Eric Maisel, Joyce Chapman, Sheila Bender, Kathleen Adams and a host of other experts join voices in this book that holds everything you will ever need to know about what it means to love your journal as companion, mirror, and guide."

    Mark Matousek, Writing to Awaken: A Journey of Truth, Transformation, and Self-Discovery 

    "I know the amazing benefits and transformational power of journaling firsthand, both in my personal life and in my work as a coach. Now I have this great resource to use, one that gathers together field-tested journaling exercises from all over the world. What an excellent addition to the coaching and therapy literature! Highly recommended."

    Jacob Nordby, life coach, author, The Creative Cure and Blessed are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives

    "Journaling can be as straightforward as taking pen in hand, opening to a blank page, and simply beginning. But imagine having access to a compendium of fifty journaling techniques and methods compiled by leading professionals from around the world. Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients is just such a resource. A rich and practical contribution to this ever-growing field."

    Judy Reeves, writing teacher and author, A Writer’s Book of Days

    "I've been a therapist for more than fifty years and have been journaling since I was in college. This new book edited by Monk and Maisel is a powerful and practical resource for those who want to help themselves and help their clients survive and thrive in today’s topsy-turvy world. You could spend thousands of dollars at conferences developing new skills and not get the value you will receive from this wonderful book. I highly recommend it."

    Jed Diamond, PhD, author, The Enlightened Marriage and 12 Rules for Good Men