Transformative Ecological Economics : Process Philosophy, Ideology and Utopia book cover
1st Edition

Transformative Ecological Economics
Process Philosophy, Ideology and Utopia

ISBN 9781138637764
Published April 17, 2017 by Routledge
278 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

When we look at the state of the world today, what is most evident is the fact that the major problems of our time – energy, environment, economy, climate change and social justice – cannot be understood in isolation. They are interconnected problems, which means that they require corresponding systemic solutions. Today’s global economy has brought about critical distress for ecosystems and societies and we have to go to the very root of the problems to find a way out.

This volume develops a synthesized interpretation of ecological economics integrating different levels: (economic) system, (business) practice and the (economic) actor. It discusses how changes on a systems level are connected to changes in practice and development of individual consciousness. Transformative Ecological Economics delves into the insight and knowledge from different sources of inspiration (thermodynamics, Darwinism, anthroposophy and Buddhism) as well as into an integrated story describing and illustrating the core ideas, principles and values that characterize a utopian society anchored in ecological economics. Implementation of the deep changes demanded depends on our ability to write a new story, a utopian one for sure, but one which is in accordance with and based on the reality in which we live.

This book will be of interest to those who study ecological economics, political economy and environmental economics.

Table of Contents

Part I Context of interpretation

Introduction part I

    1. Philosophy of Organism
    2. Ideology and Utopia
    3. Green Economy and ecological Economics


Part II Perspectives on ecological economics

Introduction part II

    1. Four Sources of Inspiration
      1. Thermodynamics
      2. Rudolf Clausius

        Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

      3. Evolutionary theory
      4. Charles Darwin

        Kenneth E. Bounding

      5. Anthroposophy
      6. Rudolf Steiner

        Leif Holbæk-Hanssen

      7. Buddhism

      Mahatma Gandhi

      Ernst Fritz Schumacher

    2. A transdisciplinary perspective
    3. Herman Daly

      Johan Galtung

      Peter Söderbaum

    4. Economics as a Moral Science
    5. Amitai Etzioni

      Amartya Sen

      Laszlo Zsolnai

    6. Eastern Perspective

P.A. Payutto

Vandana Shiva


Peter Pruzan

    1. Management Perspective
    2. Archie B. Carroll

      Waldemar Hopfenbeck

      Richard Welford

    3. Concepts and Projects
    4. John Elkington

      Tim Jackson

      Manfred Max-Neef

      William Rees

    5. Institutions, Law and Money
    6. Ross Jackson

      Polly Higgins

      Margrit Kennedy

      Bernard Lietaer

      Malcolm Torry

    7. The beginning is near
    8. Evelin Lindner

      Otto Scharmer

      Charles Eisenstein

    9. Summing up part II


Part III Ecological economics – a utopian narrative

Introduction part III

    1. A narrative approach
    2. Utopian narratives of Ecological Economics
      1. Worldview
      2. Economic system
      3. Business practice
      4. Image of man

    3. Change

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Ove Jakobsen is Professor in Ecological Economics at Bodø Graduate School of Business, Nord University, Norway. He is co-founder and leader of the Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics.