214 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    214 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Exploring the concept of individual and collective transformation as the underlying driver for media pedagogy, this book offers valuable insights and practical strategies for implementing transformative media pedagogies across learning environments and civic ecosystems.

    Each chapter takes the form of critical and reflective writing on specific processes and practices that emerged from contributors' experiences of participating in the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, an experimental and immersive transformational media pedagogy project born in 2007, and continuing to this day. Together, contributors examine media pedagogies that prioritize value constructions like human connection, care, imagination, and agency, all of which collectively support a transformative approach to learning. While this book takes into account media pedagogies that focus on competencies and skills, its priority is to reveal and offer learning pathways that develop media makers and storytellers focused on positive social impact in the world.

    This book will be of interest to any media educators, researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs seeking to implement transformative media pedagogies that support equitable and just civic futures.

    Preface: Stephen Salyer

    Foreword: Henry Jenkins

    1. The Salzburg Context
    2. The Values of Transformative Media Pedagogies
    3. Designing Transformation
      • CARE
        • 3.1 Embodiment, Space & Empathy, by Sangita Shresthova
        • 3.2 Authentic Encounters, by Roman Gerodimos
        • 3.3 Destabilizing Beliefs in Search of Care & Freedom, by Megan Fromm
        • 3.4 The Power of the Invisible Curriculum, by Carol Reese
        • 3.5 Comfort Zones, by Roman Gerodimos

        • 3.6 Palace of the Mind, by Eric Gordon
        • 3.7 Imagination, Civics and World-Building, by Sangita Shresthova
        • 3.8 Ways of Seeing / Reasons to See, by Susan Moeller
        • 3.9 Immersive Storytelling, by Karen Fowler-Watt
        • 3.10 Experimental Design, by Jamie Cohen
        • 3.11 Art & Memory, by Pablo Zarate

      • AGENCY
        • 3.12 Evoking Joy, by Paul Mihailidis
        • 3.13 Collaborative Curation & Radical Persistence, by Christopher Harris
        • 3.14 Cultural and Creative Industries, by Isabel Gil
        • 3.15 Research as Power, by Claudia Kozman
        • 3.16 Learning to think like your users, by Anthony Ioannidis
        • 3.17 The Evolving Educator, by Stephen Reese

        4. Afterword: Beyond Salzburg

          • International experiences & local contexts, by Manuel Guererro
          • The Salzburg Academy Imprint, by Sanjeev Chatterjee


      Paul Mihailidis is Associate Professor of Civic Media and Journalism in the School of Communication at Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, where he teaches media literacy, civic media, and community activism. He is the founding program director of the Master's in media design, senior fellow of the Emerson Engagement Lab, and faculty chair and director of the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. He sits on the advisory board for iCivics.

      Sangita Shresthova is the Director of Research of Civic Paths at the University of Southern California and holds a PhD in Culture and Performance from UCLA, United States. Her work has been presented in academic and creative venues around the world including the Schaubuehne (Berlin), the Other Festival (Chennai), and the EBS International Documentary Festival (Seoul). She is the co-author of Practicing Futures: A Civic Imagination Action Handbook (2020) and co-editor of Popular Culture and the Civic Imagination (2020).

      Megan Fromm is a high school journalism teacher in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she advises the award-winning Orange & Black student newsmagazine and website. She is a curriculum coordinator for the Journalism Education Association and the curriculum lead for the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. She is also the co-author of Student Journalism and Media Literacy (2014).

      "This thought-provoking and engagingly written book urges us to contemplate how care, imagination and agency can guide transformative media pedagogies in our technologically fast-changing world. By combining conceptual exploration and practical sharing, this collection provides an insightful pedagogic approach that encourages young people to critically co-design their future world."

      Alice Y. L. Lee, Professor of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

      "A radical new vision and practical guide for inclusive, caring, and transformative communities of media practice. Distills the collective wisdom from the Salzburg Media Academy, a summer institute for the world's most innovative leaders in media education. A must-read for activists, academics, and educators committed to media and social justice."

      Srividya Ramasubramanian, Professor of Communication and Presidential Impact Fellow, Texas A&M University, USA

      "The time is ripe for a book like this. The authors of Transformative Media Pedagogies build on the groundbreaking work they've done individually on civic media and civic imagination to collect and frame innovative new ways to understand and teach media that are participatory, engaged and transformative."

      Ethan Zuckerman, Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA