1st Edition

Transforming Business with Program Management Integrating Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Structure, and Measurement

By Satish P. Subramanian Copyright 2015
    260 Pages 42 Color & 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    258 Pages 42 Color & 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    Organizations need to constantly innovate and improve products and services to maintain a strong competitive position in the market place. The vehicle used by organizations for such constant reinvention is a business transformation program. This book illustrates a tested program management roadmap along with the supporting comprehensive frameworks to successfully execute business transformation programs, formulated strategies, and strategic initiatives. It outlines the steps to successfully transform any business and deliver tangible business outcomes.

    This breakthrough work establishes the linkage between strategy formulation and strategy execution through the program management discipline. It depicts how program management integrates strategy, people, process, technology, structure, and measurement on cross-functional initiatives. The author details the processes, techniques, and tools that a program management team can customize and easily implement on any type of strategic initiative within the private or public sector environment to deliver and sustain the expected business outcomes and benefits.

    This book discusses the ten mandatory steps (or roadmap) needed to lead complex, business transformation programs to success. It showcases program management best practices and lessons learned though real-world case studies spanning different industry sectors and functional domains. Transforming Business with Program Management will equip executives, general managers, and program managers with the core skills necessary to effectively plan and implement business transformation strategies that drive sweeping business change and innovation.

    Executive Overview

    Book Overview
    Road Map to Make a Business Transformation Program Successful
    Competitive Advantage and Program Management Framework
    Key Techniques to Facilitate Successful Business Transformation
    Chapter Synopses (Chapters 2-12)
    Transformation Program Management Closes the Business Outcome Gap
    Transformation Program Realizes Business Benefits
    Clarification on Benefits Realization Terminology
    Business Transformation and Program Management Life Cycle

    Success Starts Upfront: Describe the Problem Accurately
    Program Management Operating Model
    Program Management Tool Kit
    Environment Scanning Technique
    Description of Business Problem
    Voice of Customer Technique
    Definition of Business Outcome
    Definition of Benefits Realization
    Program Charter
    Case Study: Software Licensing Transformation Program

    Articulate the Program Vision and Objectives
    Formulation of Business Strategy
    Business Transformation Drivers
    Implementation of Business Strategy
    Comparing the Program Management Life Cycle to the PMI Standard for Program Management
    Strategic Alignment Technique
    Business Performance Calibration Technique
    Strategic Imperatives Architect Programs
    Benefits Realization Strategy
    Benefits Realization Life Cycle
    Case Study: Transformation Program to Redesign Process and Technology

    Secure Cross Functional Executive Sponsorship
    Sponsorship of Business Transformation Program
    Multilevel Program Sponsorship Model
    Program Value Justification Technique
    Upward Management of Program Sponsors
    Sponsorship of Program Outcome Delivery and Benefits Realization
    Case Study: Program to Transform Procurement Function via Outsourcing

    Develop and Implement a Governance Model
    Governance Modeling Technique
    Program Communication and Escalation Protocol
    Program Governance: Bodies, Responsibilities, and Rhythm
    Program Accountability
    Governance Policy Design Technique
    Program Governance
    Governance of Benefits Realization
    Case Study: Transformation Program for Postmerger Integration

    Define Success, Outcomes, and Key Value Indicators
    Performance Improvement Measurement Technique
    Positioning Transformation Program to Deliver Business Outcomes
    Business Outcome Modeling Technique
    Case Study: Selection Program for Enterprise System

    Invest in Planning and Creating an Integrated Approach
    Program Architecture Technique
    Program Architecture Drives Program Management Life Cycle
    Organization Change Management Technique
    Organization Change Readiness
    Transformation Program Planning Technique
    Benefits Realization Planning
    Case Study: Business Transformation Program to Launch a New Product

    Drive Strong Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement
    Stakeholder Expectation Management Technique
    Stakeholder Assessment
    Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
    Stakeholder Engagement: Planning, Executing, and Monitoring
    Stakeholder Engagement through Communications Vehicle
    Stakeholder Engagement through Training Vehicle
    Stakeholder Engagement Through Coaching Vehicle
    Business Outcome Delivery Enabler
    Case Study: Transformation of Policy Servicing Function at Enterprise Level

    Provide Leadership Across All Levels
    Multilevel Program Leadership Model
    Multidimensional Program Leadership Model
    Program Leadership and Risk Mitigation
    Transformation Program Leadership
    Leadership of Program Management Processes
    Program Leadership vs. Program Management
    Balancing Program Leadership and Program Management
    Program Leadership through Office of Business Transformation
    Drivers for the Office of Business Transformation
    Significance of Leadership in Program Communications
    Benefits Realization Leadership
    Case Study: Business Transformation Initiative on Privacy and Compliance

    Monitor Aggressively and Have Contingencies
    Monitoring Status of Transformation Program
    Program Monitoring: Key Criteria
    Transformation Program Status Dashboard
    Tracking and Reporting Project Performance
    Monitoring Transformation Program
    Enabling Continuous Improvement
    Contingency Strategy and Contingency Planning
    Monitoring Benefits Realization
    Case Study: Program to Manage Transformation of Business Processes

    Create and Implement an Operations Transition Plan
    Operations Transition Framework
    Transition Model Development
    Training the Operations Team
    Transition Model Execution
    Value Enhancement Analysis Technique
    Transition Model Operationalization
    Walk-Through Technique
    Leading Lessons Learned from Walk-Throughs
    Business Outcome Delivery and Sustainment
    Case Study: Strategic Initiative to Get and Stay Compliant with Government Regulations

    Executive Summary
    Road Map for Transformation (or Strategic Initiative) Success
    Summaries of Chapters 2-11
    Revisitation of Main Points
    Key Takeaways on Program Management



    Satish P. Subramanian is a Principal at M Squared Consulting, which is a SolomonEdwards company. His 25 plus years of management and technology consulting leadership experience has resulted in tangible value creation for F500 and global companies in the health care, financial services, high tech, and manufacturing industry sectors. He has advised companies on their business transformation initiatives, guided them on operational optimization, driven strategic change to realize vision, executed strategic programs, and delivered sustainable results. He has built the business transformation and program management capabilities of organizations.

    Satish has held executive-level positions at Ernst & Young, Infosys, Point B, and Cambridge Technology Partners. He developed his deep expertise through his hands-on consulting engagements, line role at a South Asian manufacturing conglomerate, and thought leadership in the form of authoring, speaking, and training. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Global Knowledge, a global company providing learning solutions and training services to companies. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and MBA (Sales and Marketing) from the University of Mumbai and an MBA (Management Information Systems) from California Lutheran University. He is Program Management and Project Management certified by the Project Management Institute and Change Management certified by Prosci. He invites you to share your thoughts on his book. He can be reached either at [email protected] or http://www.linkedin.com/in/satishsubramanian.  

    "I am confident you will find this book to be a very helpful resource as you manage business transformation and change programs."
    — Thomas H. Davenport, Professor, Babson College and Digital Fellow, MIT

    "Satish offers a practical guidebook that balances both the art and science of program management—regardless of what industry you are in. It has the credibility that only comes from someone who has been there. Well done!"
    — F. Warren McFarlan, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

    "This book is a must read for those involved with large-scale transformation programs... and today, that's most everyone, including senior executives. It seems like every company faces a major transformation every few years, driven by the ever-increasing pace of change and new competitive pressures caused by mega-trends such as digitization and globalization. Running these transformation programs well is a competitive advantage in itself, and Satish's book is a comprehensive yet pragmatic view of how to make these transformation programs successful."
    — Romil Bahl, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Industries, CSC

    "Satish does an excellent job of telling readers how program management can help transform companies. As the primary research analyst in the design of the 60 points of transformational leadership, I instantly recognized the credibility of how Satish details the importance of people and talent in his six principles of transformational program management. It was a pleasure to read a book written by a true expert and peer who supports many of the theories we have found to be accurate in the years of research we have done at CTPartners and Transformational Labs on the relationship between transformational talent and business transformation. Satish simplifies what many of us embrace as a complex task of assembling the right talent required for effective transformational program management. Certainly a must read for anyone wanting to grasp an in- depth knowledge of this topic or tasked with the implementation of program management that has the ability to transform thinking and results."
    — Jeff Christian, CEO and Founder, Transformational Lab and Former CEO and Founder, CTPartners (Formerly Christian & Timbers)

    "Satish has introduced a pragmatic approach which is long overdue in the transformation business. He obviously has been involved in a number of successes and failures which only makes his insights richer and more meaningful. If you have not driven transformation at this level, then this book is your primer—if you have, then this will serve to help up your game next time around."
    — Jim Caruso, Executive Vice President, World Wide Services, EIS Group

    "This book serves as an excellent resource for program, project, portfolio, and change managers, providing detailed coverage of 15 techniques that need to be applied to drive large-scale programs and projects to success. Satish follows a clear and distinct path—each chapter unfolds with precision and delivers tangible tools and steps to implement. If you appreciate clarity, Satish has written this book for you. Reference the roadmap in his book for managing strategic initiatives, cross-functional programs, and complex projects, and learn from a senior practitioner who has been there, done that…and written about it!"
    — Bill Yates, Executive Vice President, Velociteach

    "This is a genuinely new and exciting look at program management. It takes the professional discipline of program management and demonstrates its practical value in the context of a complex transformation environment. A 'must read' for the C-suite!"
    — Global Portfolio and Program Management Leader, Big Four Consulting Firm

    "Managing a large, complex portfolio of critically important programs and projects has never been easy. Yet the skills required have never been more important as businesses everywhere work to constantly reinvent themselves in response to rapidly changing global markets. Without a comprehensive framework to guide the program manager, the accumulated bodies of knowledge available will often overwhelm rather than help ensure success. In Transforming Business with Program Management, Satish Subramanian brings just the right blend of academic rigor, logic, and a practitioner’s pragmatic approach to the description of such an essential framework. Covering all the necessary aspects—strategic, procedural, technical, and human factors—Satish sets out to describe and organize all the things a program manager must ensure happen to deliver transformational results, providing a valuable handbook for anyone setting out to manage transformational change."
    — John Parkinson, Chairman and Managing Director, Parkwood Advisors

    "This book provides a clear roadmap for business organizations to successfully implement the kind of sophisticated and integrated transformation so often needed in today’s fast-changing global economy. It is well researched, providing a wealth of conceptual knowledge and case studies and it provides a concrete framework for the hardest part of strategic market adaptation—getting the execution right. I urge business leaders to read it now, before the competition does."
    — Dr. Charles Maxey, PhD. Founding Dean, California Lutheran University of School of Management Co-Director, Center for Leadership & Values and Fellow, Center for Economic Forecasting & Research California Lutheran University

    "Satish Subramanian’s book is a must-read for anyone planning a new, or struggling with a current, complex business-critical initiative. The book is highly structured, easy to read, and provides valuable models, processes, techniques, and tools for managing large-scale programs. Satish’s insights and methods are then described in real-world situations through numerous case studies. The book is not only a practical roadmap for practitioners to successfully deliver the expected business outcomes, but it is also a comprehensive textbook for learning about program, project, and organization change management. Everyone in the business and educational sectors would benefit from reading this book and taking Satish’s insights to heart."
    — Sam Doying, Sales Executive, Big Four Consulting and High Tech Industry

    "Effecting transformational change in any organization comes down to the successful coordination of many discrete yet related strategic initiatives. This book provides a powerful template for success in business transformation and program management."
    — Tim Z. Dilley, Cloud Computing Consulting Executive

    "Satish provides observations, evidence, and instructions on program management objectives across business transformation efforts. Using the disciplined approach described in this book will increase the odds of success for strategic change management. Each sentence is packed with content that deserves the reader’s thoughtful analysis in customizing the approach to achieve the program’s objectives. Leaders are the catalyst for change and, by using the techniques in this book to engage company employees, the organization becomes the agents of change. I’ve known Satish for almost 20 years and have seen him use the principles in this book to help companies in a variety of complex strategic initiatives—from merger acquisition integration, to systems implementation, to operational change, and regulatory compliance. The book’s recipes are not just a how-to checklist; rather the book provides a framework to replicate the success Satish has proven in his life’s work. I love the way Satish provides information to guide PMOs and manage change and recommend this book to anyone involved in a transformation program."
    — Partner and Executive Consultant, Big Four Professional Services Firm