1st Edition

Transforming Identities in Contemporary Europe Critical Essays on Knowledge, Inequality and Belonging

Edited By Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, Mia Liinason Copyright 2023
    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    Interdisciplinary in perspective, this book explores contemporary struggles around ‘identity politics’ in Europe, offering a unique glimpse into contemporary tensions and paradoxes surrounding identities, belonging, exclusions and their deep-seated gendered, colonial and racist legacies. With a particular focus on the Nordic region, it provides insights into the ways in which people who find themselves in minoritized positions struggle against multiple injustices. Through a series of case studies documenting counter-struggles against racist, colonialist, sexist forms of discrimination and exclusion, Transforming Identities in Contemporary Europe asks how the paradigm and politics of the welfare state operate to discriminate against the most marginalized, by instating a naturalized hierarchy of human-ness. As such it will appeal to scholars across the social sciences and humanities with interests in race, gender, colonialism and postcolonialism, citizenship and belonging.

    The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

    1. Introduction: transforming identities in contemporary Europe

    Elisabeth L. Engebretsen and Mia Liinason

    2. ‘Welcome to the most privileged, most xenophobic country in the world’. Affective figurations of white Danishness in the making of a Danish citizen

    Linda Lapina

    3. Educational challenges for Nordic exceptionalism: epistemic injustice in the absence of antiracist education

    Kris Clarke and Manteì Vertelyteì

    4. Autobiographical flesh: understanding Western notions of humanity through the life and selected writings of Una Marson (1905-1965)

    Jéssica Nogueira Varela

    5. ‘It’s our bodies, we are the experts!’: countering pathologisation, gate-keeping and Danish exceptionalism through collective trans knowledges, coalition-building and insistence

    Nico Miskow Friborg

    6. Gayness between nation builders and money makers: from ideology to new essentialism

    Anna-Maria Sörberg

    7. (Not) in the name of gender equality: migrant women, empowerment, employment, and minority women’s organizations

    Christel Stormhøj

    8. ‘Home is where the cat is’: the here-there of queer (un)belonging

    Ramona Dima and Simona Dumitriu

    9. The poetics of climate change and politics of pain: Sámi social media activist critique of the Swedish state

    AkvileÌ Buitvydaitė and Elisabeth L. Engebretsen

    10. Varieties of exceptionalism: a conversation

    Selin Cagatay, Mia Liinason and Olga Sasunkevitch


    Elisabeth L. Engebretsen is a Professor in the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Stavanger, Norway. She is the author of Queer Women in Urban China: An Ethnography (2014).

    Mia Liinason is Professor of Gender Studies in the Department of Cultural Sciences, Lund, Sweden. She is the author of Feminist and LGBTI+ Activism across Russia, Turkey and Scandinavia. Transnationalizing Spaces of Resistance (with Selin Cagatay and Olga Sasunkevich, 2022) and Equality Struggles: Women’s Movements, Neoliberal Markets and State Political Agendas in Scandinavia (2018).