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Transforming Legal Histories

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This book series showcases work which takes a historical approach to question understandings about law. This approach places today’s substantive law in its context, enabling an understanding of social and legal change and the complex relationship between change and continuity. It is designed to place the historical study of law at the heart of the law curriculum. The reach of the series is not limited in time or space, producing books that cover a wide range of jurisdictions and periods. The editorial board welcome proposals which engage with a general audience in relevant legal and non-legal fields including where appropriate, a student readership.

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Law and the Medieval Village Community Reinvigorating Historical Jurisprudence

Law and the Medieval Village Community: Reinvigorating Historical Jurisprudence

1st Edition

By Lorren Eldridge
June 30, 2023

This book expands on established doctrine in legal history and sets out a challenge for legal philosophers. The English medieval village community offers a historical and philosophical lens on the concept of custom which challenges accepted notions of what law is. The book traces the study of the ...

Subversive Legal History A Manifesto for the Future of Legal Education

Subversive Legal History: A Manifesto for the Future of Legal Education

1st Edition

By Russell Sandberg
January 09, 2023

Provocative, audacious and challenging, this book rejuvenates not only the historical study of law but also the role of Law Schools by asking which stories we tell and which stories we forget. It argues that a historical approach to law should be at the beating heart of the Law School curriculum. ...

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