1st Edition

Transforming Lives with Hypnosystemic Therapy A Practical Guide

By Stefan Hammel Copyright 2025
    256 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides a practise-based introductory guide for practitioners wishing to integrate Hypnosystemic therapy into their services, examining its roots, principles, and methods.

    Hypnosystemic Therapy combines aspects of Ericksonian hypnosis, Systemic Therapy, and parts / constellation therapy into a creative awake hypnotherapy approach. This is then further consolidated in therapy or counselling. It is applied for overcoming psychological, medical and social problems by use of conversational hypnosis mostly without trance induction. This text discusses how the intervention can be used in a variety of group and individual settings, in the treatment of diagnoses such as ADD/ADHD, allergies, hypertension, anxiety, phobias, sleeping disorders, addiction and eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Chapters provide therapeutic tools in a straightforward, practical manner with examples.

    Presenting therapeutic interventions in such a clear way that they can be integrated instantly into the therapeutic work of any school, this book is of particular interest to systemic therapists, behavioral therapists and others who wish to integrate hypnotherapy knowledge into their work, but remains relevant to any mental health or allied professional.

    PART 1 Foundations 1.  What is hypno-systemic therapy? 2. Basic assumptions PART 2  What hurts us and what heals us 3.  Looking backwards and looking forwards PART 3  Course of therapy 4.  Preliminary meeting 5. Greeting 6. Clarification of objectives 7. History-taking 8. Forms of therapeutic intervention 9. Conclusion and following session


    Stefan Hammel is a German hypnotherapist and systemic therapist for children, adults, couples and families giving live and online trainings. He is known for his storytelling, parts work, “greetings to the mind”, for Ericksonian utilization and multi-level communication approaches.

    ‘Stefan Hammel shows convincingly how his approach helps patients to transform their lives. In his helpful and informative book the author reveals the origin of his approach based on solid theoretical foundations which integrates systemic approach with ericksonian hypnosis reinforced by reflective practice aimed at highlighting what works best with different patients. This book is suitable for those who are curious to receive new insights and are ready to learn new ways of working with patients, experimenting a new interactive therapeutic approach also using therapeutic metaphors and stories, maps and landscapes, drawings and objects, space and rituals.’

    Consuelo Casula, Clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, former president of the European Society of Hypnosis, recipient of the International Society of Hypnosis Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence in 2022, Italy

    ‘This is not the type of book that you can just pick up and skim but it will surely reward you many times over for the time that you put into it. It is another major contribution from master storyteller Stefan Hammel, which has something in it for everyone. First and foremost, it provides a wonderful overview of hypnosystemic therapy, its history, the way in which it integrates with other schools of thought and most importantly how to do it. Contained within its pages are an incredible 160 therapeutic interventions. Perhaps best of all, there is an index telling you where to locate each of these interventions. So instead of trying to remember “Where was it I saw that great technique about “Tilling the Field” or ”Turning Shit into Roses” you no longer have to spend hours pouring over the entire book– you can go straight to it. This book will not only help you transform the lives of your clients, it may well transform the way you do therapy.’

    Brian Allen, Psychologist, Chair of The Australian Society of Hypnosis Western Australia (ASH WA), Director of Training, ASH WA

    ‘Stefan encourages the therapist to be as flexible and diverse in their therapeutic approach as the patient sitting in front of them. The examples of real clients are excellent and make the outcomes seem readily achievable which will encourage the reader to feel positive about using these techniques. Stefan pays homage to his influencers and teachers, but while some of the techniques maybe based on Paul Watzlawick and Milton Erickson the content is genuinely "Hammel".’

    Dr Kathleen Long, MBChB MPH DRCOG NLP Master Practitioner MBTI (level 1), Past President ESH, Past President BSMDH, Hon Chairperson BSMDH

    ‘Stefan Hammel has done it again. As with his previous works, he gives us a clear, accessible, theoretically sound, and very practical book of therapeutic wisdom. This is what we have come to expect from him. But this volume also transcends. His rich explanation of hypno-systemic therapy not only provides a framework for insight into his many useful strategies and examples, but a platform for inspiring clinicians across the continuum of health and care to become more effective in their work. Hammel’s new book is destined to become a well-worn resource.’

    Laurence Irwin Sugarman, MD, Research Professor, College of Health Sciences and Technology , Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, New York, USA. Author of Changing Minds with Clinical Hypnosis: Narrative and discourse for a new health care paradigm.

    ‘The resourceful guide, 'Transforming Lives with Hypno-Systemic Therapy,' offers a comprehensive exploration of hypno-systemic therapy, emphasizing effective application. Authored by a knowledgeable practitioner, Stefan Hammel, it provides valuable insights into therapeutic strategies and interventions beneficial for both novices and experienced practitioners in the field. The book is not only instructive but also enjoyable and inspiring, making it essential for anyone interested in the topic. Skillfully weaving in discussions on basic assumptions and foundations, this book is poised to become a crucial reference for therapy and coaching.’

    Anita Jung, LPC-S, LPA, Past President American Society of Clinical Hypnosis President, Central Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis