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Teaching Recent Global History Dialogues Among Historians, Social Studies Teachers and Students

Teaching Recent Global History: Dialogues Among Historians, Social Studies Teachers and Students

1st Edition

By Diana B. Turk, Laura J. Dull, Robert Cohen, Michael R. Stoll
March 12, 2014

Teaching Recent Global History explores innovative ways to teach world history, beginning with the early 20th century. The authors’ unique approach unites historians, social studies teachers, and educational curriculum specialists to offer historically rich, pedagogically innovative, and ...

Teaching African American Literature Theory and Practice

Teaching African American Literature: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Maryemma Graham, Sharon Pineault-Burke, Marianna White Davis
February 17, 1998

This book is written by teachers interested in bringing African American literature into the classroom. Documented here is the learning process that these educators experienced themselves as they read and discussed the stories & pedagogical....

Reinventing the Middle School

Reinventing the Middle School

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas S. Dickinson
March 28, 2001

Many contemporary American middle schools are stuck in a state of "arrested development," failing to implement the original concept of middle schools to a varying, though equally corruptive degrees. The individual chapters of the book outline in detail how to counter this dangerous trend, offering ...

Assessment for Equity and Inclusion Embracing All Our Children

Assessment for Equity and Inclusion: Embracing All Our Children

1st Edition

Edited By A. Lin Goodwin
June 18, 1997

How students are assessed can determine not only the quality, type, and degree of education they receive, but has long-term consequences for their future. Assessment by standardized testing often labels poor and minority children in ways that exclude them from opportunities, while failing to ...

Where's the Wonder in Elementary Math? Encouraging Mathematical Reasoning in the Classroom

Where's the Wonder in Elementary Math?: Encouraging Mathematical Reasoning in the Classroom

1st Edition

By Judith McVarish
August 24, 2007

This book argues that even in today's high-stakes testing environment, 'teaching to the test' need not be teachers’ only focus as they introduce young children to mathematics. Judith McVarish demonstrates how building a community of learners and using problem solving to engage ...

Teaching Authentic Language Arts in a Test-Driven Era

Teaching Authentic Language Arts in a Test-Driven Era

1st Edition

By Arthur T. Costigan
October 31, 2007

Most pre-service education students are enthusiastic about the progressive, constructivist, and student-centered theory and practice advocated in many teacher education programs and by the National Council of Teachers of English. Yet in actual day-to-day practice, teachers often have trouble ...

Teaching U.S. History Dialogues Among Social Studies Teachers and Historians

Teaching U.S. History: Dialogues Among Social Studies Teachers and Historians

1st Edition

Edited By Diana Turk, Rachel Mattson, Terrie Epstein, Robert Cohen
December 17, 2009

Teaching U.S. History offers an innovative approach to social studies teaching by connecting historians to real-world social studies classrooms and social studies teachers. In an unusual, even unprecedented, dialogue between scholars and practitioners, this book weds historical theory and practice ...

Unauthorized Methods Strategies for Critical Teaching

Unauthorized Methods: Strategies for Critical Teaching

1st Edition

Edited By Shirley Steinberg, Joe L. Kincheloe
March 17, 1998

This work makes accessible and practicable some of the best theoretical innovation in critical pedagogy of the last decade. Issues of knowledge are explored as the authors consider how an integration of popular culture and cultural studies into the lesson plan can enrich and re-invigorate the ...

Real Learning, Real Work School-to-Work As High School Reform

Real Learning, Real Work: School-to-Work As High School Reform

1st Edition

By Adria Steinberg
November 06, 1997

First Published in 1998. A central paradox of American education today is that classrooms are often not conducive to learning. Young people who are bright, active participants in outside-of- school settings become disengaged or hostile in the classroom. Through detailed portrayals of innovative ...

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