1st Edition

Transforming the Disciplines A Women's Studies Primer

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

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    A jargon-free, non-technical, and easily accessible introduction to women's studies!

    All too many students enter academia with the hazy idea that the field of women's studies is restricted to housework, birth control, and Susan B. Anthony. Their first encounter with a women's studies textbook is likely to focus on the history and sociology of women's lives. While these topics are important, the emphasis on them has led to neglect of equally important issues. Transforming the Disciplines: A Women's Studies Primer is one of the first women's studies textbooks to show feminist scholarship as an active force, changing the way we study such diverse fields as architecture, bioethics, history, mathematics, religion, and sports studies.

    Although this text was designed as an introduction to women's studies, it is also rewarding for upper-level or graduate students who want to understand the pervasive effects of feminist theory. Most chapters provide a bibliography or list of further reading of significant works. Its clear, jargon-free prose makes feminist thought accessible to general readers without sacrificing the revolutionary power of its ideas.

    In almost thirty essays, covering a broad range of subjects from anthropology to chemistry to rhetoric, Transforming the Disciplines exemplifies the changes achieved by feminist thought.

    Transforming the Disciplines:

    • combines a high standard of writing and scholarship with personal insight
    • includes both traditional academic arguments and alternative, non-agonistic forms of discussion
    • embraces an international scope
    • challenges traditional assumptions, models, and methodologies
    • offers an inter- and multidisciplinary approach
    • strengthens readers’understanding of the big picture not only for women but for all disempowered groups
    • critiques feminism as well as patriarchal society
    Feminist theory is grounded in a questioning of traditional assumptions about what is right, natural, and self-evident, not just about the roles and nature of men and women but about how we think, what we teach, whose experience matters, and what is important. Transforming the Disciplines is the first textbook to show the consequences of those questions -- not the answers themselves, but the consequences of the willingness to ask and the transformations that have occurred when the “right” answers changed.

    • About the Editors
    • Contributors
    • Foreword
    • Introduction
    • Section I: Humanities
    • Chapter 1. The Impact of Women's Studies on Rhetoric and Composition
    • Chapter 2. Feminism and Philosophy
    • Chapter 3. The Impact of Women's Studies on the Study of Religion
    • Chapter 4. Transgressing to Transform: The Feminist Engagement with Art History
    • Chapter 5. Women in Music
    • Chapter 6. Listening to Women's Voices and Reading Women's Words: How Women's Studies Has Helped to Transform the Teaching of Literature
    • Chapter 7. Feminism and Film Studies
    • Chapter 8. Refusing to Close the Curtains Before Putting on the Light: Literature and Women's Studies
    • Section II: Social Sciences
    • Chapter 9. Using Feminism to Improve Economics
    • Chapter 10. What Is “Women's History”?
    • Chapter 11. Reconsidering the Missing Feminist Revolution in Sociology
    • Chapter 12. Gender and Culture
    • Chapter 13. “What Were Women Doing During the Ascent of Man?”: Gender and Archaeology
    • Chapter 14. Feminism and Communication Studies
    • Chapter 15. Language and Gender Research: Not Just for Women Anymore
    • Chapter 16. Gender Jail: A Look at Psychology and Gender
    • Section III: Natural Sciences
    • Chapter 17. Feminist Contributions to Bioethics
    • Chapter 18. First Steps Toward a More Feminist, Multicultural Physics
    • Chapter 19. Science and Feminism: Partners or Rivals?
    • Chapter 20. Mathematics: A Dilemma for Feminists
    • Chapter 21. History of Women in Science and Technology
    • Section IV: Professions
    • Chapter 22. Behind School Doors: Feminism and Education
    • Chapter 23. Law and Feminism
    • Chapter 24. Women's Place: Architecture and Feminism
    • Chapter 25. The Impact of Feminism on the Library Science Profession
    • Chapter 26. The Forgotten Discipline: Sport Studies and Physical Education
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Prys, Renee P; Cherry, Mary Jane; Popham, Susan; Macnabb, Elizabeth L