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Transitional Justice

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The study of transitional justice has emerged as one of the most diverse and intellectual exciting developments in the social sciences in the last two decades. From its origins in human rights activism and comparative political science the field is increasingly characterised by its geographic and disciplinary breadth. Routledge’s Transitional Justice series publishes innovative work across a range of disciplines working on transitional justice related topics: including law, sociology, criminology, psychology, anthropology, political science, development studies and international relations.

The series includes titles which address larger theoretical questions on transitional justice, including the intersection of notions such as justice, truth, accountability, impunity and the construction of transitional justice knowledge. It also contains critical and theoretically informed empirical work on the workings of institutions such as truth commissions, community based reconciliation, victim empowerment, ex-combatant demobilisation, or regional discussions on practical programmes in particular areas. Finally, the series covers the legal aspects of transitional justice; although, avoiding dry, overly technical or dull legal texts, it specialises in a style of legal scholarship that reflects the energy and vitality of this exciting field.

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Delayed Transitional Justice Lessons from Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay

Delayed Transitional Justice: Lessons from Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay

1st Edition


By Mariana S. Mendes
July 21, 2023

This book addresses the issue of the timing of transitional justice policies in countries that have negotiated transitions from authoritarianism to democracy. Why are transitional justice measures often being implemented decades after the events they refer to? More specifically: What combination ...

Transitional Justice in Aparadigmatic Contexts Accountability, Recognition and Disruption

Transitional Justice in Aparadigmatic Contexts: Accountability, Recognition and Disruption

1st Edition


Edited By Tine Destrooper, Line Engbo Gissel, Kerstin Bree Carlson
March 16, 2023

This book explores the practical and theoretical opportunities as well as the challenges raised by the expansion of transitional justice into new and ‘aparadigmatic’ cases. The book defines transitional justice as the pursuit of accountability, recognition and/or disruption and applies an ...

The Figure of the Witness in International Criminal Tribunals Memory, Atrocities and Transitional Justice

The Figure of the Witness in International Criminal Tribunals: Memory, Atrocities and Transitional Justice

1st Edition

By Benjamin Thorne
October 05, 2022

This book analyses how international criminal institutions, and their actors – legal counsels, judges, investigators, registrars – construct witness identity and memory. Filling an important gap within transitional justice scholarship, this conceptually led and empirically grounded ...

Transitional Justice and Socio-Economic Harm Land Grabbing in Afghanistan

Transitional Justice and Socio-Economic Harm: Land Grabbing in Afghanistan

1st Edition

By Huma Saeed
September 19, 2022

Maintaining the importance of socio-economic issues in devising transitional justice mechanisms, this book examines the widespread practice of land grabbing in Afghanistan. On 3 September 2003, 100 armed police officers bulldozed around 30 homes in the Sherpur neighborhood of Kabul, Afghanistan, ...

Transitional Justice in West Africa

Transitional Justice in West Africa

1st Edition

By Linus Nnabuike Malu
August 19, 2022

This book explores the challenges of transitional justice in West Africa, specifically how countries in the region have dealt with transitional justice problems in the last 30 years (1990–2020), and how they have managed the process. Using comparative, historical, and legal analyses it examines the...

Transitional Justice in Tunisia Innovations, Continuities, Challenges

Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Innovations, Continuities, Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Simon Robins, Paul Gready
July 15, 2022

This book engages comprehensively with the dynamics of the transitional justice process in Tunisia and its mechanisms, elaborating lessons for transitional justice practice globally. Grounded in new empirical material as well as a broader awareness of transitional justice, this book provides a&...

Localising Memory in Transitional Justice The Dynamics and Informal Practices of Memorialisation after Mass Violence and Dictatorship

Localising Memory in Transitional Justice: The Dynamics and Informal Practices of Memorialisation after Mass Violence and Dictatorship

1st Edition

Edited By Mina Rauschenbach, Julia Viebach, Stephan Parmentier
May 31, 2022

This collection adds to the critical transitional justice scholarship that calls for “transitional justice from below” and that makes visible the complex and oftentimes troubled entanglements between justice endeavours, locality, and memory-making. Broadening this perspective, it explores informal ...

Business, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Business, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

1st Edition

By Irene Pietropaoli
February 01, 2022

This book considers the efficacy of transitional justice mechanisms in response to corporate human rights abuses. Corporations and other business enterprises often operate in countries affected by conflict or repressive regimes. As such, they may become involved in human rights violations and ...

Gender, Transitional Justice and Memorial Arts Global Perspectives on Commemoration and Mobilization

Gender, Transitional Justice and Memorial Arts: Global Perspectives on Commemoration and Mobilization

1st Edition

Edited By Jelke Boesten, Helen Scanlon
May 18, 2021

This book examines the role of post-conflict memorial arts in bringing about gender justice in transitional societies. Art and post-violence memorialisation are currently widely debated. Scholars of human rights and of commemorative arts discuss the aesthetics and politics not only of sites of ...

Truth, Reparations and Social Cohesion Transitional Justice Lessons from Peru

Truth, Reparations and Social Cohesion: Transitional Justice Lessons from Peru

1st Edition

By Elisabeth Bunselmeyer
March 04, 2020

This book addresses the effectiveness of transitional justice mechanisms for repairing social cohesion. Truth commissions and reparation programs are implemented worldwide to enhance social cohesion, peace and democracy in post-conflict settings. Most claims about transitional justice measures are...

Victims, Atrocity and International Criminal Justice Lessons from Cambodia

Victims, Atrocity and International Criminal Justice: Lessons from Cambodia

1st Edition

By Rachel Killean
December 05, 2019

While international criminal courts have often been declared as bringing ‘justice’ to victims, their procedures and outcomes historically showed little reflection of the needs and interests of victims themselves. This situation has changed significantly over the last sixty years; victims are ...

Transitional Justice from State to Civil Society Democratization in Indonesia

Transitional Justice from State to Civil Society: Democratization in Indonesia

1st Edition

By Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem
November 28, 2019

This book is the first to offer an in-depth analysis of transitional justice as an unfinished agenda in Indonesia’s democracy. Examining the implementation of transitional justice measures in post-authoritarian Indonesia, this book analyses the factors within the democratic transition that either ...

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