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Transitions From Dictatorship To Democracy Comparative Studies Of Spain, Portugal And Greece

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    by Taylor & Francis

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    by Taylor & Francis

    First published in 1991. In the late 1970s, Nicos Poulantzas, in Crisis of the Dictatorships: Portugal, Spain, Greece, applied his well-known theoretical perspectives to a concrete analysis of the major transformations that occurred in those three countries during 1974 and 1975. His provocative and interpretative analysis not only provided a basis for comparative study but also examined several important theoretical questions about transition from dictatorship to representative democracy and on to socialism. The present essays offer a retrospective assessment of this transition and examine current developments with particular attention to the role of the state and social classes in the overthrow of the old dictatorships, the evolution of representative democracy and political parties, and the formal integration of these countries into the European Eco nomic Community and the international capitalist system.

    Chapter 1 Southern European Transitions in Comparative Perspective, Ronald H. Chilcote; Chapter 2 Bourgeois State and the Rise of Social Democracy in Spain, Fred A. LópezIII; Chapter 3 Classes, Hegemony, and Portuguese Democratization, Daniel Nataf, Elizabeth Sammis; Chapter 4 Democratization and the Greek State, Stylianos Hadjiyannis; Chapter 5 The Theory and Practice of Transitions: Struggle for a New Politics in Southern Europe, Ronald H. Chilcote;


    Ronald H. Chilcote, Stylianos Hadjiyannis, Fred A. López III, Daniel Nataf, Elizabeth Sammis