1st Edition

Transito: The Truth behind the Big-Money Robberies

By Hennie Lochner, Peet van Staden Copyright 2023

    This book is an important resource for the cash in transit (CIT) companies, financial services industries and criminal justice system. With one of the authors having used convicts of CIT crimes as participants for a PhD study, he solicited data from the lived experiences of CIT robbers that reveal their modus operandi, which is crucial to combat these robberies. The authors reveal how CIT robbers meticulously plan and execute their ambushes collaborating with the sophisticated network of accomplices.

    The book is thus a timely publication that provides information to combat CIT crimes.






    Chapter 1: Into the face of violence

    Chapter 2: The Modus Operandi

    Chapter 3: The ultimate crime

    Chapter 4: Who are these robbers?

    Chapter 5: Planning a CIT robbery

    Chapter 6: Homing in

    Chapter 7: Calculating the risk

    Chapter 8: Wheels: The key to a CIT heist

    Chapter 9: Intimidation: A crucial CIT weapon

    Chapter 10: Outgunning the guards

    Chapter 11: Sangomas, women and drink

    Chapter 12: Hi-tech crime

    Chapter 13: Hitting the target

    Chapter 14: The critical time factor

    Chapter 15: Getting away

    Chapter 16: Lots and lots of money

    Chapter 17: Cops or robbers?

    Chapter 18: Defeating the ends of justice

    Chapter 19: Getting caught

    Chapter 20: Advice from the robbers




    Hennie Lochner is independent researcher since his retirement as senior lecturer in the Department of Police Practice at UNISA. He specialised in advanced crime intelligence and crime scene investigation. He obtained a doctorate on the use of modus operandi information for the investigation of CIT robberies, from which this book was born. He has published widely in accredited journals and wrote several books. In a police career spanning 28 years, he investigated various crimes before commanding among others, the provincial crime unit investigating taxi violence and serious and violent crimes unit.

    Peet van Staden is author and retired prize-winning journalist. In a journalism career spanning 46 years he held executive positions in among others, television, newspapers, and radio, and was elected to several panels compiling principles and norms for media in South Africa and internationally. He authored or contributed to several non-fiction books, magazines, and occasional publications in both English and Afrikaans. He is also a novelist and writer of short stories.