1st Edition

Transmission Line Reliability and Security

By Anthony J. Pansini Copyright 2004
    ISBN 9780824756710
    350 Pages
    Published June 9, 2004 by River Publishers

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    ISBN 9781003151159
    335 Pages
    Published November 26, 2020 by River Publishers

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    This book discusses the problems of reliability caused by the deregulation of electric utilities and those of security created by the events of September 11. Author Anthony Pansini, a licensed professional engineer and Life Fellow of IEEE, suggests solutions, related to the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of transmission facilities, for maintaining and improving the reliability of deregulated transmission systems, and covers the National Transmission Grid Study in depth. He includes coverage of phenomena occurring in electric theory, in non- or semi-technical terms, for the benefit of the non-engineer.

    Circuit Arrangements
    Electrical Criteria
    Mechanical Criteria
    Substation Criteria
    DC Transmission
    Operations Criteria
    Appendix A - Insulation: Porcelain vs Polymer
    Appendix B - The Grid System: Tying Maps to Computers
    Appendix C - U.S. and Metric Relationships

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