1st Edition

Transmission Network Protection Theory and Practice

By Yeshwant G. Paithankar Copyright 1998

    From the basic fundamentals and principles of protective relaying to current research areas in protective systems and future developments in the field, this work covers all aspects of power system protection. It includes the implementation of relays using electromechanical devices, static devices and microprocessors; distance protection of high voltage and extra high voltage lines, including distance relay errors; and adaptive, dynamic, travelling wave and noise-based relays.

    Basic philosophy of relaying; difference in protection requirements for increasing line voltage; line protection/overcurrent and directional relays; distance protection - HV and EHV line protection; carrier schemes for HV and EHV lines; current and potential transformers; basics of differential relays; generator protection; transformer protection; Bus-Bar protection; test procedures, benches and maintenance schedules; recent advances and futuristic views.


    Paithankar, YeshwantG.