1st Edition

Transnational Competence Empowering Curriculums for Horizon-rising Challenges

By Peter H. Koehn, James N. Rosenau Copyright 2010
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this timely new contribution, Koehn and Rosenau develop their transnational-competence framework and demonstrate the promise of its application across six critical professions: teacher education, engineering, business management, social work, sustainable-development (encompassing agricultural sciences, public administration, and natural-resources management), and medicine/health. Transnational Competence offers higher-education leaders around the world useful ideas for enhancing and transforming professional programs so that graduating practitioners will be prepared with the skills needed to manage horizon-rising challenges that connect populations, ecosystems, and fields of study. Aimed principally at higher-education leaders and graduating professionals throughout the world, Transnational Competence focuses on the skills that tomorrow's practitioners will need to deal with what the authors term horizon-rising transboundary challenges.

    Chapter 1 Transnational Competence and the Skill Revolution; Chapter 2 The Case for Transnational Competence; Chapter 3 Transnational Competence and Professional Education; Chapter 4 Eyes on the Horizon; Chapter 5 A TC Framework for Training Tomorrow's Teachers Today; Chapter 6 Business Management; Chapter 7 Engineering Education for Interdependent Connections; Chapter 8 Educating for Social-Justice Work in a Disparate World; Chapter 9 Preparing for Sustainable International-Development Practice; Chapter 10 Guiding the Transnational Flow of Health Expertise; Chapter 11 Learning Processes for Enriching the TC Professional Curriculum; Chapter 12 Conclusion;


    Peter H. Koehn, James N. Rosenau

    "The visionary educational themes developed in Transnational Competence will have appeal between and beyond U.S. shores. Transnational partnerships and joint-degree programs that aim to prepare technically qualified professionals who are globally competent will be enhanced by the analytic, emotional, creative, communicative, and functional insights contributed here."
    —Peter McPherson, President, Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, from the Foreword

    "Transnational Competence can transform what tomorrow’s students will learn about the world we share and the institutions that teach them."
    —Allan E. Goodman, President & CEO, Institute of International Education

    “Drawing upon powerful social scientific insights, Koehn and Rosenau offer compelling practical measures for developing the orientations and skills necessary for successfully engaging an ever-more dynamic and interconnected world.”
    —Steven Vertovec, Director, Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity, Göttingen, Germany

    “To be successful in their own careers and to contribute most effectively to broader society goals of security, prosperity, and peace will require these graduates to have more fully developed transnational competencies. This book…will be a useful tool for leaders in international academic affairs and in professional schools and colleges throughout universities all over the world, not only in North America.”
    —Earl Kellogg, Professor & Associate Provost for International Affairs (Emeritus), University of Illinois

    “Koehn and Rosenau offer refreshingly detailed suggestions on how to prepare graduating practitioners with the skills needed to manage cross-border challenges. Transnational Competence should be read by anyone interested in international and global studies who is looking for cutting-edge professional preparation for our globalized world.”
    —Xiao-huang Yin, Professor and Director of Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University