1st Edition

Transnational Perspectives on the Conquest and Colonization of Latin America

Edited By Jenny Mander, David Midgley, Christine Beaule Copyright 2020
    328 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    328 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Ranging geographically from Tierra del Fuego to California and the Caribbean, and historically from early European sightings and the utopian projects of would-be colonizers to the present-day cultural politics of migrant communities and international relations, this volume presents a rich variety of case studies and scholarly perspectives on the interplay of diverse cultures in the Americas since the European conquest.

    Subjects covered include documentary and archaeological evidence of cultural interaction, the collection of native artifacts and the role of museums in the interpretation of indigenous traditions, the cultural impact of Christian missions and the representation of indigenous cultures in writings addressed to European readers, the development of Latin American artistic traditions and the incorporation of motifs from European classical antiquity into modern popular culture, the contribution of Afro-descendants to the cultural mix of Latin America and the erasure of the Hispanic heritage from cultural perceptions of California since the nineteenth century.

    By offering accessible and well-illustrated accounts of a wide range of particular cases, the volume aims to stimulate thinking about historical and methodological issues, which can be exploited in a teaching context as well as in the furtherance of research projects in a comparative and transnational framework.


    Jenny Mander


    1. Putting Tierra del Fuego on the Map

    Bas Gooijer

    2. Sir Balthazar Gerbier’s Utopian Dreams of the New World, 1649–1660

    Jane Campbell

    3. The Impossible Dialogue between Plato and Epicurus: José Manuel Peramás's Commentarius on the Paraguayan Missions

    Fabrizio Melai


    4. Translating Franciscan Poverty in Colonial Latin America

    Julia McClure

    5. Italian Scientists in South America: Argentina as Constructed by Paolo Mantegazza and Pellegrino Strobel

    Diego Stefanelli

    6. Imagined Indigeneity in Alfred Döblin’s Novel Amazonas (1937–1938)

    David Midgley

    7. Challenging Colonial Discourses: the Spanish Imperial Borderland in Chile from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century

    Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, with Leonor Adán Alfaro and Simón Urbina Araya

    Records of Appropriation

    8. Native Artists and the Defense of Territory in Sixteenth-Century New Spain

    Ana Pulido-Rull

    9. A Thing of the Past: Representation, Material Culture, and Indigeneity in Post-Conquest Meso- and Andean South America

    Stefanie Gänger

    10. The Nationalization of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region in the Early Twentieth Century: The Salesian Outpost

    Chiara Pagnotta

    Adaptations and Conflations

    11. Aristotelian Politics Among the Aztecs: A Nahuatl Adaptation of a Treatise by Denys the Carthusian

    David Tavárez

    12. The Poetics of Emulation in a Latin American Context: Towards a New Theoretical Framework

    João Cezar de Castro Rocha

    13. The Greco-Roman as an Arena for Conflict: Classical Reception, Popular Poetry and Power in Northeast Brazil

    Connie Bloomfield

    14. The ‘Indians of Europe’ in Sierra Morena: Reputation, Emulation and Colonization in the Spanish Enlightenment

    Eduardo Jones Corredera

    Buried Histories

    15. Form and Decorations on Qeros and Unku: The Impact of Inka and Spanish Conquest on Material Culture in Settler Colonial States

    Christine D. Beaule

    16. Black Space Production in Andean Societies: How Africans and Their Descendants Shaped Lima’s San Lázaro Neighborhood

    Leo J. Garofalo

    17. Fashioning the ‘Other:’ The Foreign as Diplomatic Currency in the Sixteenth-Century Caribbean and in Europe

    Joanna Ostapkowicz

    18. Imagining the Hispanic Past: The De-Mexicanization of California, 1880–1930

    Carrie Gibson

    Legacies of Coloniality

    19. The Lure of the Andes: Peruvian Mountain Guides ‘Made in Switzerland’

    Angela Sanders

    20. The Conquest in Cultural Memory: Peruvian Migrants in Europe

    Leslie Nancy Hernández Nova

    21. Our Grandmother's Looms: Q’eqchi’ Weavers, Museum Textiles and the Repatriation of Lost Knowledge

    Callie Vandewiele

    22. Afro-Mexico: Images of the Indeterminate

    Lucy Foster


    Jenny Mander is an intellectual historian at the University of Cambridge, specializing in eighteenth-century France, the rise of the novel, colonial thought and early globalization. She has a special interest in the abbé Raynal, and is an editor of the new critical edition of Raynal’s Histoire des deux Indes.

    David Midgley is Professor emeritus of German Literature and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of Writing Weimar: Critical Realism in German Literature, 1918–1933 (Oxford 2000), and his research is currently focused especially on the major works of Alfred Döblin.

    Christine D. Beaule is Associate Professor of Latin American and Iberian Studies, University of Hawai¿i at Manoa. Her research combines anthropological archaeology with the study of historical texts and is focused on the comparative impact of colonialism on material culture and indigenous sociopolitical organization in South America and the Philippines.