1st Edition

Transnational Screens Expanding the Borders of Transnational Cinema

Edited By Armida De La Garza, Ruth Doughty, Deborah Shaw Copyright 2020

    This book marks the 10th anniversary of the Routledge journal Transnational Cinemas, and its renaming to Transnational Screens.

    The introduction reflects on the changing ways in which film is produced, distributed and consumed with the emergence of streamed content providers. Each chapter expands on previous scholarship and interrogates key areas of transnational cinema. Taken together they revisit key concepts of transnational cinema; explore the relationship between transnational and world cinema; analyse performances of cosmopolitanism; examine exoticism and nostalgia in contemporary transnational cinema; present the ‘rooted transnationalism’ of Moroccan diasporic filmmakers; reflect on how films from around the world convey ‘foreignness’; consider cross border solidarity and collaboration behind transnational talent development; explore transnational film eco-criticism from the perspectives of governance and aesthetics; and reflect on the changing nature of transnational screen studies through the concept of second phase transnationalism.

    Written by leading scholars, this book looks at the key developments in the field of transnational film and screen studies. The chapters were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Transnational Screens.

    Introduction: From transnational cinemas to transnational screens, Armida De La Garza, Ruth Doughty & Deborah Shaw

    Chapter 1: Concepts of transnational cinema revisited, Song Hwee Lim

    Chapter 2: Transnational turn or turn to world cinema? David Martin-Jones

    Chapter 3: Performing cosmopolitanism: Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Richard Linklater’s ‘before’ trilogy, Celestino Deleyto

    Chapter 4: ‘The past is a foreign country’: exoticism and nostalgia in contemporary transnational cinema, Daniela Berghahn

    Chapter 5: The ontological transnationalism of the filmmaker: solidarity-based talent development across borders, Mette Hjort

    Chapter 6: Moroccan diasporic cinema: the ‘rooted transnationalism’ of the cinéastes de passage, Will Higbee

    Chapter 7: Close encounters with foreignness, Bruce Bennett & Katarzyna Marciniak

    Chapter 8: Eco-critique as transnational commons, Sean Cubitt

    Chapter 9: Second phase transnationalism: reflections on launching the SCMS transnational cinemas scholarly interest group, Austin Fisher & Iain Robert Smith


    Dr Armida de la Garza is Senior Lecturer in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork, Ireland. She is interested in research on internationalisation in higher education; on Screen Media and their relation to culture, industry and education; and on collaborative, interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between science and the arts. 

    Deborah Shaw is Professor of Film and Screen Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Her research interests include transnational film theory, Latin American cinema, and film and migration, and she has published widely in these areas. 

    Dr Ruth Doughty is the Programme Leader for Film Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. She is the co-author of Understanding Film Theory (2017). Ruth is the Principal Investigator on a Lottery Funded project looking at the history of Littlewoods in Liverpool.

    Armida, Deborah, and Ruth are the co-founding editors of Transnational Cinemas, now Transnational Screens.