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Serving to ground theory and research on 'globalization', the Routledge book series on 'Transnationalism' offers the latest empirical studies and ground-breaking theoretical works on contemporary socio-economic, political and cultural processes which span international boundaries. Contributions to the series are drawn from Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Politics, Geography, International Relations, Business Studies and Cultural Studies.

The ‘Transnationalism’ series grew out of the Transnational Communities Research Programme of the Economic and Social Research Council (see It is currently associated with the Research Council's Centre on Migration, Policy and Society located at the University of Oxford (see

Transnationalism aims to address the needs of students and teachers and these titles will be published in hardback and paperback.

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Communities Across Borders New Immigrants and Transnational Cultures

Communities Across Borders: New Immigrants and Transnational Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Kennedy, Victor Roudometof
April 06, 2006

Communities across Borders examines the many ways in which national, ethnic or religious groups, professions, businesses and cultures are becoming increasingly tangled together. It show how this entanglement is the result of the vast flows of people, meanings, goods and money that ...

Transnational Democracy Political Spaces and Border Crossings

Transnational Democracy: Political Spaces and Border Crossings

1st Edition

Edited By James Anderson
August 22, 2002

Contemporary globalisation both challenges conventional forms of democracy and is opening up new needs and possibilities for democratisation beyond the territoriality of national states. These issues are explored by an international and multidisciplinary array of experts who focus on federalism, ...

Culture and Politics in the Information Age A New Politics?

Culture and Politics in the Information Age: A New Politics?

1st Edition

Edited By Frank Webster
June 07, 2001

This volume addresses these key issues through an analysis of important theoretical debates on issues such as digital democracy, cultural politics and transnational communities. Featuring contributors from both sides of the Atlantic, the book contains a series of case studies on new social ...

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