1st Edition

Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work

By Edward R Canda, Elizabeth D Smith Copyright 2001
    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    Use these ideas in your social work practice to help the whole person--including your client's spiritual side!

    Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work brings to light the fact that spiritual well-being is an essential part of the health of every individual. It will show you how to facilitate and encourage growth in the transpersonal dimension for your clients and help you to address the full range of human potential--from material and psychological well-being to spiritual fulfillment.

    Beginning with conceptual and theoretical frameworks for understanding transpersonal theory, Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work goes on to deliver empirical and clinical studies that center on true-life experiences and their social work practice implications.

    In this well-researched book you will find:

    • a comparative analysis of various models of spirituality and spiritual development
    • a study of chronically ill adults that shows how people can draw upon transpersonal experiences and beliefs to increase their resiliency
    • suggestions for alleviating death-related anxiety with a transpersonal/social constructionist approach
    • theoretical, empirical, and practical insights into transpersonally oriented hospice work
    • a model for transpersonal couples work that promotes compatibility and intimacy
    • ways to differentiate between delusions, hallucinations, and real spiritual breakthroughs
    • an examination of the different styles of spirituality of African Americans and European Americans and how they relate to the expression of violence

      In this well-referenced volume, practical techniques and suggestions combine with ways to work for justice and empowerment for marginalized and oppressed populations as well as insights about the fundamental connectedness between people and nature. Helpful diagrams, charts, and tables make the information user-friendly. Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work will help you expand the horizons of your practice and provide more effective services to your clients.

    • Introduction
    • Conceptual Models of Spirituality
    • Transpersonal Psychology and Deep Ecological Philosophy: Exploring Linkages and Applications for Social Work
    • Alleviating Suffering in the Face of Death: Insights from Constructivism and a Transpersonal Narrative Approach
    • Transpersonalism and Social Work Practice: Awakening to New Dimensions for Client Self-Determination, Empowerment, and Growth
    • Cosmic Consciousness: Path or Pathology
    • The Relationship Between Spiritual Development and Ethnicity in Violent Men
    • Transcending Through Disability and Death: Transpersonal Themes in Living with Cystic Fibrosis
    • Addressing Spirituality in Hospice: Current Practices and a Proposed Role for Transpersonal Social Work
    • Transpersonal Social Work with Couples: A Compatibility-Intimacy Model
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Edward R Canda, Elizabeth D Smith