1st Edition

Transport Processes in Plasmas with Strong Coulomb Interactions

By G.A. Pavlov Copyright 2000

    The first part of this monograph presents theoretical analysis of the thermophysical properties of strongly coupled coulomb systems. A new model is then developed, making it possible to calculate the full set of low temperature, multicomponent, nonideal plasma transport coefficients, based on the kinetic coefficients of strongly coupled coulomb systems and experimental data for the transport coefficients of Dense, Low temperature plasmas. This model can easily be implemented in the form of a set of computer algorithms, and the third part of the book shows how it can be used to solve important problems of high temperature gas dynamics, for example, heat and mass transfer in the shock layer of a space probe, stability of temperature and concentration fields in gas phase nuclear reactors, and critical phenomena in low temperature plasma dynamics.

    Section I: Transport Theory of Coulomb Systems and Optical Characteristics Section II: Transport Coefficients of a Multi-Element Chemically Reacting Plasma with Developed Ionization and Strong Interparticle (Coulomb) Interaction Section III: Transport Coefficients of a Multi-Element Low Temperature Gas Dynamics Problems


    G.A. Pavlov