1st Edition

Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development

Edited By D. Banister, K. Button Copyright 1992

    This book presents the current thinking from leading authorities worldwide on transport and the environment and focuses on the link between transport supply and use and environmental degradation.

    Foreword. Environmental policy and transport: an overview - D Banister and K Button. Transport and the environment: international policy responses. Global environmental degradation: the role of transport - K Button and W Rothengatter. Policy responses in the UK - D Banister. Policy responses in the USA - E Deakin. Policy responses in the Netherlands - P Rietveld. The role of the institutions. The role of government - N Schofield. Statement on the role of energy research agencies - D Martin. Statement on the role of the Euro Agencies - J Short. The role of NGOs - D Cope. The car user's perpsective - B Morris. The airline industry's perspective - H Somerville. Assessments of institutional responses - T Bendixson and J Whitelegg. Analysis: problems and prognoses. Can we value the environment? - E Quinet. Problems of valuation discussed - N Lichfield. Environmental quality and value for money in British Roads Policy - D Wood. Unresolved questions on environmental valuation - K Button. Transport policy and management - T May. Do transport policies meet needs? - J Roberts. Efficiency and the environment - possibilities of a green-gold coalition - P Goodwin. Index.


    D. Banister, K. Button