1st Edition

Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety

By B.S. Dhillon Copyright 2011
    236 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    During day-to-day use, thousands of lives are lost each year due to accidents, directly or indirectly, resulting from poor transportation system reliability and safety. In the United States, automobile accidents alone result in around 42,000 deaths per year, costing billions of dollars to the economy each year. A common subject in journal articles and conference proceedings, most of the recent research on transportation systems reliability and safety is scattered in different resources. Until now.

    Drawing together the latest research spread throughout the literature, Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety eliminates the need to consult many different and diverse sources to obtain up-to-date information and research. It contains a chapter on mathematical concepts and another chapter on reliability and safety basics that form a foundation for understanding the contents of subsequent chapters. The book also presents a chapter devoted to methods for performing transportation system reliability and safety analysis. It includes a reference section at the end of each chapter for readers who wish to delve deeper into a specific area.

    The author clearly and concisely covers topics in such a manner that readers require no previous knowledge to understand the concepts. He provides examples and their solutions as well as numerous problems at the end of each chapter to test reader comprehension. The presentation of historical information paired with recent research give readers a foundation for understanding where the field is now and snapshot of where it may be going.


    Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety Facts, Figures, and Examples
    Terms and Definitions
    Useful Sources for Obtaining Information on Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety
    Scope of the Book

    Reliability and Safety Mathematics
    Arithmetic Mean, Mean Deviation, and Standard Deviation
    Boolean Algebra Laws

    Probability Definition and Properties
    Useful Definitions
    Probability Distributions
    Solving First-Order Differential Equations Using Laplace

    Reliability and Safety Basics
    Bathtub Hazard Rate Curve
    General Reliability-Related Formulas
    Reliability Networks
    Occupational Stressors and Reasons for Occurrence of Human Error
    Human Error Consequences and Classifications
    Safety and Engineers
    Product Hazard Categories, Common Mechanical Injuries, and Common Causes of Work Injuries
    Accident Causation Theories

    Methods for Performing Transportation System Reliability and Safety Analysis
    Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
    Fault-Tree Analysis (FTA)
    Markov Method
    Hazards and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
    Interface Safety Analysis
    Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
    Job Safety Analysis
    Technique of Operations Review (TOR)

    Transportation System Failures
    Mechanical-Failure-Related Aviation Accidents
    Vehicle Failure Classifications and Defects in Vehicle Parts
    Rail Defects and Weld Failures
    Mechanical-Failure-Related Delays in Commuter Rail Service
    Rail and Road Tanker Failure Modes and Failure Consequences
    Ship Failures and Their Causes
    Failures in Marine Environments and Microanalysis Techniques for Failure Investigation
    Submarine Ship-Control System Performance Monitoring and Fault Localization Process and Benefits

    Transportation System Reliability Modeling
    Model I
    Model II
    Model III
    Model IV
    Model V
    Model VI
    Model VII
    Model VIII
    Model IX
    Model X
    Model XI

    Rail Safety
    Causes of Railway-Related Accidents and Incidents, and Examples of the Causes of Specific Rail Accidents
    General Classifications of Rail Accidents by Effects and Causes
    Rail Derailment Accidents and Incidents and Their Causes
    Telescoping-Related Railway Accidents
    Railway Accidents in Selective Countries
    Railroad Tank Car Safety
    Light-Rail Transit-System Safety-Related Issues
    Methods for Performing Rail Safety Analysis

    Truck and Bus Safety

    Top Truck and Bus Safety Issues
    Truck Safety-Related Facts and Figures
    Commonly Cited Truck Safety-Related Problems, Factors Associated with Heavy-Vehicle Accidents, and Safety Culture in the Trucking Industry
    Safety-Related Truck Inspection Tips, Safety-Related Tips for Truck Drivers, and Recommendations for Improving Truck Safety
    Bus and Coach Occupant Fatalities and Serious Injuries
    Transit Bus Safety and Key Design-Related Safety Feature Areas
    Vehicle Safety Data Sources
    Motor Vehicle Traffic-Related Accidents in Selective Countries

    Airline and Ship Safety
    United States Airline-Related Fatalities and Accident Rate
    Aircraft Accidents during Flight Phases and Causes of Airplane Crashes
    Worldwide Airline Accident Analysis
    Air Safety-Related Regulatory Bodies and Their Responsibilities
    Aviation Recording and Reporting Systems
    Noteworthy Marine Accidents
    Ship Safety Assessment
    Ship Port-Related Hazards
    Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)

    Human Error in Rail and Road Transportation Systems
    Railway System Human-Error-Related Facts, Figures, and Examples
    Railway Operation-Related Typical Human Error Occurrence Areas
    Railway Personnel Error-Prone Tasks and Error-Contributing Factors in Railway Operations
    A Checklist of Statements to Reduce Human Error in Railway Operations
    Road Transportation Systems Human-Error-Related Facts and Figures
    Driver Error Classifications, Common Driver Errors, and Driver Error Ranking
    Operational Influences on the Performance of Commercial Drivers
    Bus Accidents and Bus-Accident-Related Driver Errors in Selected Developing Countries

    Human Error in Aviation and Sea Transportation Systems
    Aviation Transportation Systems
    Sea Transportation Systems
    Bibliography: Literature on the Reliability and Safety of Transportation Systems


    B.S. Dhillon

    "The book is full of statistics on road, air and marine accidents borrowed from various sources which makes this useful for an interested person to know about. … does not require any background to understand these basics of reliability and safety which is the specialty of most of the books written by Professor Dhillon on these specialized topics. The book will be found useful for a student who is interested in pursuing the subject as a beginner."
    — Krishna B. Misra in International Journal of Performability Engineering