1st Edition

Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity Working on Identity and Selves

Edited By Valerie Sinason Copyright 2012
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity provides psychoanalytic insights into dissociation, in particular Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and offers a variety of responses to the questions of self, identity and dissociation. With contributions from a range of clinicians from both America and Europe, areas of discussion include:

    • the concept of dissociation and the current lack of understanding on this topic
    • the verbal language of trauma and dissociation
    • the meaning of children’s art
    • the dissociative defence from the average to the extreme
    • pioneering new theoretical concepts on multiple bodies.

    This book brings together latest findings from research and neuroscience as well as examples from clinical practice and includes work from survivor-writers. As such, this book will be of interest to specialists in the field of dissociation as well as psychoanalysts, both experienced and in training.

    This book follows on from Valerie Sinason’s Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity, Second Edition and represents a confident theoretical step forward.

    Bach-Loreaux, Contain Me. Sinason, Introduction. Carole, No One Has Been Trained in This. Mollon, The Foreclosure of Dissociation Within Psychoanalysis. Carole, Voices. Moskowitz, Corstens and Kent, What Can Auditory Hallucinations Tell us About the Dissociative Nature of Personality? Pumpkin, Ow. Bach-Loreaux, Endless Monologue. Sinason, The Verbal Language of Trauma and Dissociation. The Poet, Soul Clouds. Moore, Children’s Art and the Dissociative Brain. Jo, Beyond Sufferance. Morton, Memory and the Dissociative Brain. Jo, Trying to Understand My Journey. David, No One Else Wants to Understand. Wilkinson, A Clinical Exploration of the Origin and Treatment of a Dissociative Defence. Jo, When One is Forced to Become Two. Rainbow Crewe, Scars. Orbach, Towards A Gnosology of Body Development. Jo, I Am Without, She is Within. Nijenhuis, Consciousness and Self-consciousness in Dissociative Disorders. Jo, DID and Living. Bromberg, Chefetz, Talking with "Me" and "Not-Me:" A Dialogue.


    Valerie Sinason is a child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst. She is Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, President of the Institute for Psychotherapy and Disability (IPD) and Hon Consultant Psychotherapist for the University of Cape Town Child Guidance Clinic.

    "This volume, edited by Valerie Sinason who has campaigned tirelessly to get the voices of multiple selves heard, brings together many well known and respected experts to share their perspectives on the still partially understood topic of dissociation in relation to trauma and multiplicity. Recommended for all those interested in furthering their understanding of the many aspects of themselves and others." - Fiona C. Kennedy, GreenWood Mentors Ltd, Formerly Head of Psychology Services, Isle of Wight NHS, UK

    "This work seeks to help readers under-stand themselves as well as others, making it not only useful for mental health profession-als but also for anyone who wants to gain more perspective on their identity, self, and dissociation." - Alla Malovichko, Somatic Psychotherapy Today, Fall 2012