1st Edition

Trauma and Its Impacts on Temporal Experience New Perspectives from Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

By Selene Mezzalira Copyright 2022
    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    This unique text develops an original theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between trauma and time by combining phenomenological and psychoanalytical traditions.

    Moving beyond Western psychoanalytical and phenomenological traditions, this volume presents new perspectives on the assessment and treatment of trauma patients. Powerfully illustrating how the temporal dimension of a patient’s symptoms has until now been overlooked, the text presents a wealth of research literature to deepen our understanding of how trauma disrupts individual temporal experience. Ultimately, the resulting phenomena that occur (including dissociation and cognitive distortions) position time as a transdiagnostic psychological dimension, closely connected to the subject’s sense of self.

    This text will benefit researchers, academics, and educators with an interest in psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and trauma and dissociation studies more broadly. Those specifically interested in the philosophy of the mind, Freud, and psychotherapy will also benefit from this book.

    About the Author

    Introduction: Trauma and the Elusive Nature of Psychic Time

    1: Time and the Nature of Psychological Trauma
    2. The Concept of Nachträglichkeit and the Traumatic Disruption of Linear Time
    3. Time, Trauma, and the Unconscious Mind
    4. Trauma, Time, and Psychopathology
    5. Dissociation and Traumatic Temporality
    6. Time, Trauma, and Memory
    7. Time, Trauma, and Neural (Dis-)Integration
    8. Time, Trauma, and Therapeutic Change
    Conclusion: Healing From Trauma



    Selene Mezzalira obtained her Ph.D. in Philosophy (2016) and Clinical Psychology (2018) from the University of Padova, Italy, and Ryokan College, USA, respectively. She has been a visiting scholar at Columbia University in the city of New York and at the University of California, Irvine, USA.

    "While Mezzalira’s book is only 156 pages, it is an extensive compilation and summary of theory and research, past and present, on time and trauma. She includes perspectives from philosophy (especially phenomenology), psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and cognitive science. This book explores many, many useful concepts and research findings and is a valuable reference source for clinicians and researchers."
    -Michael Stadter, Psychodynamic Practice