1st Edition

Travel, Tourism, and Identity

By Gabriel R. Ricci Copyright 2015
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Travel, Tourism and Identity addresses the psychological and social adjustments that occur when people make contact with others outside their social, cultural, or linguistic groups. Whether such contact is the result of tourism, seeking exile, or relocating abroad, the volume's contributors demonstrate how one's identity, cultural assumptions, and worldview can be brought into question.

    In some cases, the traveller finds that bridging the social and cultural gap between himself and the new society is fairly easy. In other cases, the traveller discovers that reorienting himself requires absorbing a new cultural history and traditions. The contributors argue that making these adjustments will surely enhance the traveller's or tourist's experience; otherwise the traveller or tourist will be at risk of becoming a marginalized figure, one disconnected from the society that surrounds him.

    This latest volume in the Culture & Civilization series features a collection of essays on travel and tourism. The essays cover a range of topics from historical travels to modern social identities. They discuss ancient travels, contemporary travels in Europe, Africa and sustainable eco-tourism, and the politics of tourism. Essays also address experiences of Grenada's "Spice Island" identity, and the effects of globalization and migrations on personal identity.

    Gabriel R. Ricci

    1. The Importance of Dio's Travels
    William Hutton

    2. "Homer in a Nutshell": The Nostoi of J. F. Usko (1760–1841)
    Maria Kostaridou

    3. Greece in Travel Writing and Tourist Discourse: Cross-Cultural Encounters and the Construction of Classifications
    Vasiliki Galani-Moutafi

    4. Travel Writers and Greece: The Legacy of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor
    David Wills

    5. Know Thyself: An Anglo-Greek Author's Search for Roots and Identity
    Loretta Proctor

    6. "I Don't Know Where I Am—Boise or the Basque Country": Diaspora Identity Travel and Tourism
    John P. Bieter and Nina M. Ray

    7. Experiential Branding of Grenada's "Spice Island" Identity
    Velvet Nelson

    8. Measuring Identity: Indicators for Comparison of Real and Fictional Discourses on a Cultural Heritage City
    Raquel Bello Vazquez

    9. Identity Sustainability, Identity Affectivity, and the Ithaca Traveller: Conceptual Tools for Measuring and Modelling Tourism as an Opportunity
    Elias J. Torres Feijo

    10. Staged Authenticity and Identity Conflicts: Cultural Tourism in Africa
    Kelly Virginia Phelan

    11. Globalization, Migrations, and Personal Identity
    A. Pablo Iannone

    12. Midlife Single Men and the Solo Holiday
    Bente Heimtun

    13. Imagining "Home": Discovering Multiples Selves and Homes through Travel
    Mahua Bhattacharya

    14. Studying Abroad
    Taso Lagos

    15. "Massive Involvement": Margaret Atwood's Bodily Harm and the Limits of "Reality Tourism"
    Aeron Haynie

    16. Grockles and Locals: Tourists, Service Providers, and Residents—Mutual Perceptions and the Reciprocal Gaze (A Mediterranean Case Study: Corfu, Greece)
    Jim Potts



    Gabriel R. Ricci