1st Edition

Treatment of Child and Adult Survivors

Edited By Byrgen P. Finkelman Copyright 1995

    First published in 1995. This is Volume five of a series that looks at the developmental stages in addressing the complex and social problem of child abuse. The articles in this volume address the treatment of child victims and adult survivors of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and neglect. Where physical abuse is concerned treatment of victims and survivors lagged far behind the treatment of sexual abuse victims and survivors. This may be due in part to the fact that in cases of physical abuse—with its physical manifestations that heal—more attention is paid to the immediate physical safety of children than to their short- and long-term emotional needs. Thereafter, the focus of treatment tended to be on parents—in hopes of preventing further abuse—rather than on the abused children.

    Series Introduction, Volume Introduction, Further Reading, Rebuilding Families After Sexual Abuse of the Children, Incestuous Child Sexual Abuse: A Review of Treatment Strategies, Family Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse, Confronting the Incest Secret Long After the Fact: A Family Study of Multiple Victimization with Strategies for Intervention, Time-Limited Group Therapy for Women with a History of Incest, A Microanalysis of Factors Associated with Child-Abusive Families: Identifying Individual Treatment Priorities, Sexual Abuse of Children: A Review of Victim Symptomatology, Offender Behavioral Patterns, and Treatment Methods, After Incest: Secondary Prevention?, The Sexual Nature of Sexual Abuse: A Review of the Literature, Hypnotic Age Regression and the Reparenting of Self, Child Abuse and Psychotherapy Research: Merging Social Concerns and Empirical Investigation, Ameliorating the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: An Exploratory Study of Support by Parents and Others, Child Sexual Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Case Management, Those Who Broke the Cycle: Therapy with Nonabusive Adults Who Were Physically Abused as Children, Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse: Programs, Progress and Prospects, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Treatment of Sexual Abuse, Group Work with Men Who Experienced Incest in Childhood, Memory Retrieval in Treating Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Storytelling, Hypnosis, and the Treatment of Sexually Abused Children, Treatment of Sexual Abuse which Occurred in Childhood: A Review, Symbolic Confrontation with Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Victimization, Traumatic Bonding: Clinical Implications in Incest, Treatment for Abused Children: When is a Partial Solution Acceptable?, Treatment of the Sexually Abused Child: A Review, Acknowledgments, Series Index by Author


    Byrgen P. Finkelman