1st Edition

Treatment of Offenders and Families

Edited By Byrgen P. Finkelman Copyright 1995

    First Published in 1995. This is Volume VI in the Child Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Survey series. The articles in this volume address the treatment of perpetrators of physical and sexual child abuse and neglect. The articles in this volume provide many insights into the treatment of perpetrators of child maltreatment. This title discusses that, although there is still much to learn about treating offenders, many programs seek to offer hope that prevention through treatment can be effective at stopping child abuse-one perpetrator at a time.

    Chapter 1 A Practical Approach to the Protection of the Abused Child and Rehabilitation of the Abusing Parent, C. Henry Kempe; Chapter 2 Working with Abusive Parents, Elizabeth Davoren; Chapter 3 Working with Abusive Parents, Brandt F. Steele; Chapter 4 Working with Abusive Parents, K., Jolly, Judith Reed; Chapter 5 A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Child Abuse, Vincent J. Fontana, Esther Robison; Chapter 6 A Psychodynamic Approach to the Study and Treatment of Child-Abusing Parents, Arthur H. Green; Chapter 7 Treatment of the Abused Child and the Child Abuser, Marvin L. Blumberg; Chapter 8 Prevention of Child Abuse, Jacqueline Roberts, Keith Beswick, Bridget Leverton, Margaret A. Lynch; Chapter 9 Comprehensive Treatment of Parents Who Abuse Their Children, John S. Wodarski; Chapter 10 Separation and Treatment of Child-Abusing Families, Patricia Ross Shelton; Chapter 11 Focus on… Child Abuse; Chapter 12 Neglected Fathers, Judith A. Martin; Chapter 13 A Bird’s Eye View of the Child Molester; Chapter 14 Legal Issues Raised in Treating Sex Offenders, Barbara A. Weiner; Chapter 15 Theory and Treatment in Child Molestation, Richard I. Lanyon; Chapter 16 Is Treatment Too Late, Anne Harris Cohn, Deborah Daro; Chapter 17 Briefly Stated, Jane F. Gilgun, Teresa M. Connor; Chapter 18 Child Molestation and Pedophilia, A. Kenneth Fuller; Chapter 19 Future Directions in the Treatment of Physical Child Abuse, Keith L. Kaufman, Leslie Rudy; Chapter 20 Sex-Offender Risk Assessment and Disposition Planning, Robert J. McGrath; Chapter 21 Evaluation of Treatment Outcome for Adult Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse, Judith V. Becker, John A. Hunter; Chapter 22 Counseling Adult Sex Offenders, Ronnie Priest, Annalee Smith; Chapter 23 Effective Intervention with Neglectful Families, James M. Gaudin;


    Byrgen Finkelman