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1st Edition

Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics

Edited By Gerard Iooss, Olivier Gues, anne Nouri Copyright 1999
    ISBN 9781584880356
    336 Pages
    Published October 22, 1999 by Chapman & Hall

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    The International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics has a long-standing and respected tradition of hosting symposia that provide a forum for disseminating new developments and methods. Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics represents the proceedings of the eleventh such symposium, held at the University of Nice in May 1998.
    Comprising invited lectures and refereed papers, this volume includes recent results that open perspectives on fields in mechanics and their methodological counterparts in mathematics. It also surveys important advances in the areas where mathematics and mechanics interact. The applications addressed include:

    Asymptotic Behavior of the Eigenvalues of a Plate Problem, A. Campbell and S. Nazarov
    On the Torsion of Soft Cylindrical Shells, A. DiCarlo and P. Nardinocchi
    On the Uniqueness of the Null-Traction Boundary Value Problem in Nonlinear Elastoplastics, R Knops
    Free Boundary Problems arising from Spectral and Path-Following Analysis in the Mechanics of Elastic-Plastic Solids, A. Léger and A. El Loulani
    On a Stationary Axisymmetic Filtration Problem Under Large Deformations of the Skeleton, B. Albers and K. Wilmanski
    Macroscopic Modeling of Cosserat Media, G. de Felice and N. Rizzi
    On the Stucture and Shape of Sandpiles, H.J. Herrmann
    G-Defining Equations: Applications to Nonlinear Differential Equations, O. Kaptsov
    Liu Technique for Exploiting the Dissipation Inequatlity in Case of Constratined State Space Variables, W. Muschik, H. Herrmann, G. Rückner, and C. Papenfuss
    On the Internal Constraints and the Derivation of a Linear Plate Theory, P. Podio-Guidugli
    Hamiltonian Versus Lagrangian Forms, C. Trimarco
    Convergence towards the Thermodynamical Equilibrium, L. Desvillettes
    Hyperbolic Heat Conduction, W. Dreyer and M. Kunik
    Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and the Dynamics of Particles, J. Verhás
    Towards Extended Thermodynamics of Porous and Granular Materials, K. Wilmanski
    Global Existence and Continuous Dependence of Phase Transitions in Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, R. Colombo and A. Corli
    Approximation of Quasistatic Processes with Friction by Incremental Problems in the Theory of Phase Transitions, F. Theil
    Models for Long-Wave Instability Due to a Resonance between Two Waves, R. Grimshaw
    Hamiltonian Spatial Dynamics Methods for Two- and Three-Dimensional Steady Waves, M. Groves
    On the Symmetry Theory for Stokes Waves of Finite and Infinite Depth, J.F. Toland
    On Oscillatory Modes in Viscous Noncompressible Liquid between Two Counter-Rotating Permeable Cylinders, V. Kolesov and L. Shapakidze
    Pattern Formation on Large Domains and Diffusive Mixing, A. Mielke
    Aspects of Modulational Dynamics-Diffusive versus Pulse Behavior, G. Schneider
    Asymptotic Behavior of a Fluid in a Time Varying, G. Bayada, M. Chambat, and I. Ciuperca
    Modelization of Shallow Lakes and Seas, D. Bresch, J. Lemoine, and J. Simon
    Correctors for Reynolds Equations Describing the Process of Lubrication of a Rotating Shaft, A. Duvmjak and E. Marusic-Paloka
    Comparaison du Régime Hydrostatique des Fluides Imcompressibles Non-Visqueux et du Régime Quasineutre des Plasmas, Y Brenier
    On a Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem, F. Flori and P. Orenga
    Symmetric Form of Governing Equations for Capillary Fluids, S. Gavrilyuk and H. Gouin
    On the Euler Flows with Singular Initial Data, C. Marchioro
    On the Stability of a Steady State of a Viscous Compressible Fluid, M. Padula

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