1st Edition

Tribology Data Handbook
An Excellent Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Resource

ISBN 9780849339042
Published September 26, 1997 by CRC Press
1120 Pages

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Book Description

This handbook is a useful aid for anyone working to achieve more effective lubrication, better control of friction and wear, and a better understanding of the complex field of tribology. Developed in cooperation with the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers and containing contributions from 74 experts in the field, the Tribology Data Handbook covers properties of materials, lubricant viscosities, and design, friction and wear formulae.
The broad scope of this handbook includes military, industrial and automotive lubricant specifications; evolving areas of friction and wear; performance and design considerations for machine elements, computer storage units, and metal working; and more. Important guidelines for the monitoring, maintenance, and failure assessment of lubrication in automotive, industrial, and aircraft equipment are also included. Current environmental and toxicological concerns complete this one-stop reference.
With hundreds of figures, tables, and equations, as well as essential background information explaining the information presented, this is the only source you need to find virtually any tribology information.

Table of Contents

Lubricant Properties
Typical Lubricating Oil Properties
Comparison of Properties of Synthetic Fluids
Organic Esters
Polyalkylene Glycols
Phosphate Esters
Vegetable Oils: Structure and Performance
Solid Lubricants
Viscosity of Liquids, Aqueous Solutions, and Liquid Metals
Gas Properties
Typical Lubrication Specifications for Equipment
Comparison of Viscosity Classifications
Military Specifications
Air Compressor Lubrication
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Automotive Engine Lubricants
Diesel Engine Lubricants
Electric Motors and Generators
Hydraulic and Turbine Oils
Marine Diesel Engines
Railroad Diesel Engines
Industrial Application Processes
Aluminum Production Equipment
Farm and Off-Highway Machinery
Food Industry Lubrication
Forest and Paper Products
Machine Tools
Mining Excavation Equipment Lubricant Guidelines
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lubricants
Space and High Vacuum Lubricants
Steel Industry Lubricant Guides
Lubricant Application Systems
Centralized Lubrication for Industrial Machines
Oil Mist
Circulating Oil Systems
Friction, Wear, and Surface Characterization
Surface Texture
Typical Friction and Wear Data
Friction and Wear Equations
Generalized Wear Coefficients
Friction Temperatures
Boundary Lubrication Relations
Lubricated Wear: Common Problems
Material Properties
Typical Properties of Sliding Contact Materials
Rolling Element Bearing Materials
Oil-Film Bearing Materials
Mechanical Properties of Gear Materials
Wear-Resistant Hard Materials
Friction, Wear, and PV Limits of Polymers and Their Composites
Properties of Advanced Ceramics
Friction, Wear Tests of Advanced Ceramics
Tribological Surface Modifications
Tribological Surface Treatments and Coatings
Friction and Wear of PVD/CVD Hard, Thin Coatings
Bonded Solid Film Lubricants
Component Performance and Design Data
Fundamentals of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
High Pressure Viscosity and EHL Pressure-Viscosity Coefficients
Rolling-Bearings Performance and Design Data
Journal Bearing Design and Analysis
Design and Analysis of Hydrodynamic Slider Thrust Bearings
Squeeze-Film Bearings
Ring- and Wick-Oiled Starved Journal Bearings
Porous Metal Bearings
Dynamic Seals
Gear Lubricant Selection and Application
Piston Rings
Magnetic Storage System Materials
Metal Working
Metal Removal: Fluid Selection and Application Guide
Metal Forming
Microbial Control of Coolants
Additives for Metalworking Fluids
Monitoring, Maintenance, Failure Patterns
Elements of an Oil Analysis Program
Wear Monitoring and Metal Analysis
Laboratory Used Oil Analysis Methods
Gas Turbine Engine Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis
Automotive Engine Oil Life Factors
Automotive Engine Oil Condition Monitoring
Diesel Engine Used Oil Analysis
Rotating Machinery Vibration and Condition Monitoring
Ball and Roller Bearing Troubleshooting
Gear Distress and Failure Modes
Filtration and Particle Count Classifications
Life of Oils and Greases
Toxicology, Environment, Safety, and Health
Toxicology, Environment, Safety, and Health
Hardness Tables
Viscosity Conversion Factors
SI Unit Conversions

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