1st Edition

Trichomycetes and Other Fungal Groups

Edited By J K Misra, Bruce W. Horn Copyright 2001

    The book has been divided into two parts. Part I comprises review chapters on trichomycetes - including the history, taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography ultrastructure, and physiology of trichomycetes. Part II comprises a composite of topics. It begins with two chapters on insect-fungus associations (ant pathogenic fungi and bark beetle galleries) followed by a chapter on nematophagous fungi. Subsequent chapters deal with such diverse mycological topics as fungal endophytes, endolithic micoorganisms, aquatic ascomycetes and hyphomycetes, and mushrooms.

    Trichomycetes: Fungi Associated with Arthropods: An Introduction and State-of-the-art in the Tropics: J.K. Misra
    Trichomycetes: A Brief Review of Research: Marvin C. Williams
    Taxonomy and Systematics of Trichomycetes Past, Present, and Future: Merlin M. White, Matias J. Cafaro, and Alexandra M. Gottlieb
    The Classification and Phylogeny of the Trichomycetes and Zygomycetes39: Gerald L. Benny and Merlin M. White
    Occurrence of Trichomycetes in Taiwan: Chiu-Yuan Chien and Li-Huei Hsieh
    Ultrastructure of Trichomycetes73: Hiroki Sato
    Physiological Adaptations of Trichomycetes to the Insect Gut: Smittium culisetae and its Mosquito Host: Bruce W. Horn
    Entomopathogenic Fungi Associated with Ants (Formicidae): A Review: Harry C. Evans
    Biology of Nematophagous Fungi: Hans-Borje Jansson and Luis V. Lopez-Llorca
    Diversity of Filamentous Fungi in Bark Beetle Galleries in Central Europe: Roland Kirschner
    Fungal Endophytes: The Tropical Dimension: T.S. Suryanarayanan, V. Kumaresan, and J.A. Johnson
    Endolithic Microorganisms: Margalith Galun
    The Distribution of Freshwater Filamentous Ascomycetes: C.A. Shearer; Aquatic Hyphomycetes and Leaf Litter Processing in Polluted and Unpolluted Habitats: K.R. Sridhar and N.S. Raviraja; Systematics
    Ecology, and World Distribution in the Gensus Chroogomphus (Gomphidiaceae): Orson K. Miller (Jr.) and Mary C. Aime
    Edible Mushrooms: Potential and Low Cost Technologies for Tropical Cultivation: Tricita H. Quimio
    Eating Mushrooms: Death, Ecstasy, or Gourmet's Delight: Thomas J. Volk and Johan W. Rippon


    J K Misra