1st Edition

Tricks and Treats
Sex Workers Write About Their Clients

ISBN 9781560231622
Published March 1, 2000 by Routledge
196 Pages

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Book Description

Learn about the real lives of sex workers by exploring the sex industry from the inside!

Explore the insightful--and oftentimes intense--accounts of sex workers who look squarely into the eyes of their clients, the sex industry, and society as a whole. Tricks and Treats delivers private stories about homo- and heterosexual encounters that sex workers usually confide only in each other. Not another “why I became a prostitute” book, it provocatively turns the tables on the buyers of sex, giving you a window into sex workers’lives. Tricks and Treats gives you straightforward accounts by sex workers to help you understand the pleasures, attractions, and truths of this profession.

Tricks and Treats tantalizes with its powerful collection of tales from a diverse group of male, female, and transgendered sex workers. Their commercial, cultural, emotional, sexual, (il)legal, and even spiritual relationships with their clients are discussed in intimate detail. You will explore accounts from streetworkers, escorts, strippers, porn actors, masseurs, dominatrixes, phone sex operators, an adult-video store clerk, an outreach worker, a sex educator, and even a sperm donor.

Tricks and Treats will ignite your imagination and answer questions few people dare to ask. You'll learn firsthand, of:

  • how male, female, and transgendered hustlers turn tricks--in their own words--from sado-masochism and watersports to stripping, scat, foreplay, and fisting
  • how sex workers face their own mortality when confronted with the AIDS virus
  • a porn star's compassion and understanding for her fans
  • a sex worker's coming-to-terms with his/her transgendered identity
  • a male escort's attempts at dating
  • a young man's experience of finding a family and home when living at a brothel
  • a woman's story of spending thirty years as a prostitute
  • the experiences of hooking on the streets and in clubs, cafes, and homes
These engaging and shocking testimonials will entertain you and offer a unique understanding of the sex industry. Revealing and intriguing, these poignant talks will certainly not disappoint your imagination. Tricks and Treats is a testament to the lives of sex workers, a manifestation of their spirit, and gives them a chance to turn the tables on their clients, exposing their erotic tastes, turn-ons, and fantasies.

Table of Contents


  • Acknowledgments
  • Tricks and Treats: An Introduction
  • Tricks
  • 1. Shut Up
  • 2. My Path to Sanity
  • 3. Man of God
  • 4. The Porn Queen
  • 5. Champagne Tastes on a Crystal Budget
  • 6. Getting Fucked
  • 7. Porn Moguls
  • 8. A Slice of “The Life”
  • Treats
  • 9. Bodhisattvas Among Us: Compassionate Sex Workers
  • 10. Clocking In
  • 11. The House I Grew Up In
  • 12. Numbers
  • 13. Joel
  • 14. Toward a Taxonomy of Tricks: A Whore Considers the Age-Old Question, “What Do Clients Want?”
  • 15. In Love with My Work
  • Tricks & Treats
  • 16. Thirty Years
  • 17. A Few Friends
  • 18. Scrapbook
  • 19. Two Sides
  • 20. A Complicated Business
  • 21. Payment by Donation: Every Sperm is Sacred
  • 22. Orange Phone
  • 23. Outreach
  • 24. Luck
  • Contributors
  • Index

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