1st Edition

Triple Value Leadership Creating Sustainable Value for Your Business, Your Customers and Society

By Sander Tideman Copyright 2022
    172 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    172 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With the sustainability emergency, businesses can no longer give priority to commercial interests (and financial gains) and close their eyes to societal and environmental interests. We need a new, higher perspective to close the gap. We need to formulate a new business logic and a sustainable value creation method for sustainable business, for their customers and society – that is, all business stakeholders, as well as the planet.

    This book will do just that. This book presents the insights gained from action research with leading companies across the world to discover a comprehensive method that works: a practical framework for CEO and business leaders who want to lead their organization along the sustainability transition. Building on the latest insights from science, summarized as the systems view of life, the book identifies six principles that provide a new leadership lens on how to understand the changes taking place in business. Based on these insights, the book offers the Triple Value mindset model, consisting of six distinct leadership qualities, which shows how to create sustainable value from a systems perspective. This model is unique as it enables business leaders to scale their intended impact from the organization to all stakeholders in the value chain, thus transcending the conflict between business and society.

    Not only that, the book will also offer you a leadership journey – an adventure that will transform the way to think, feel and execute the new perspective in your company, while perfecting your leadership potential and inspiring the people you work with. On the journey you will be supported by models, tools and best practices, which will help you to reimagine your business strategy and your role as leader in driving sustainable transformation and success.

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    Part 1: WHY? Why do we need a new approach to value creation?

    Chapter 1: The challenges facing the business world

    Chapter 2: The Growth Triangle: The outdated Value Creation Model

    Chapter 3: The paradigm shift in science: The Living systems view

    Part 2: WHAT? What is the new approach to value creation?

    Chapter 4: Towards a Systems View of Value Creation – Six Shifts

    Chapter 5: The New Business Perspective on Value Creation

    Chapter 6: The Triple Value Creation Measurement Model

    Part 3: How? How can leaders execute the new value creation approach?

    Chapter 7: Leadership – How to develop the sustainability mindset

    Chapter 8. The TVC Systems Mindset

    Chapter 9: Dealing with Complexity: The Systems Mindset in Action



    Sander Tideman is a specialist in leadership development and organizational transformation, motivated by building the capacity to address the unprecedented social and ecological challenges of this age. Tideman is founder of Triple Value Leadership, and associated to Garrison Institute, Mobius Executive Leadership and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

     Voted one of the Top Compassionate Leadership Books for 2022 by the Center for Compassionate Leadership: "Tideman is a compelling visionary. He recognizes the depth of need for systems change, for transformation. Triple Value Leadership offers an ambitious and achievable prescription to match the scale of the challenge our species faces today. Read this book and change the world for the better."

    "Triple Value Leadership is cutting-edge in explaining why investing in sustainability is also an investment in future business performance, including strong financial performance. Sander and his team have researched and compiled a practical guide, one that challenges wrong-minded trade-off thinking by demonstrating clearly how the interests of the planet, society and business can be completely aligned."

    Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

    "Triple Value Leadership is about the groundbreaking mindshift that is needed to prepare business for the new normal. Tideman brilliantly discloses the essentials of how to include human, social and natural capital in tomorrow’s leadership. Visionary, inspiring, and importantly, very practical!"

    Volkert Engelsman, CEO, Eosta BV

    "This is a much-needed book that makes you pause and think about your own and your company’s leadership. Sander Tideman describes with clarity how to lead with compassion and putting it into action with profound logic. He invites us to challenge our thinking and makes connections to known leadership approaches. Also, the book is layered with leadership examples, human capital insights and contemplative practices. We are reminded that our mindset drive our actions and people will follow leaders and companies with purpose."

    Annemieke van der Werff, HR Consultant, former CHRO MUFG Union Bank N.A., Global HR Executive HSBC Holdings PLC and former CHRO ABN AMRO North America & LaSalle Bank Corporation

    “Sander Tideman has been a long-standing, prolific, thinker about leadership in the corporate sector. This book brings together in a coherent and inspiring manner the key elements of a new paradigm that allow business leaders to positively contribute to society. The book introduces relevant frames and presents illustrative cases that help corporate leaders to develop a badly needed new approach to value creation. The book presents excellent insights on how to deal with the most important challenges of the coming decade. It formulates leadership skills that will help companies to navigate an increasingly complex, volatile and ambiguous world, while at the same time – most importantly - contributing to society. This book is highly recommended.” 

    Rob van Tulder, Professor, Business Society Management and Academic Director of Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC), Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    "Triple Value Leadership is right on target about the necessary evolution to a regenerative economy. Tideman’s consistent and coherent thoughts and words reflect his life-long focus on good leadership, his personal experience throughout cultures and continents and his deep belief that one can succeed at multiple levels, the self, the team, the world. Essential reading to navigate the disruptive years ahead of us."

    Marcello Palazzi, Co-Founder, B Lab Europe, NOW Partners, B for Good Leaders

    "Sander Tideman has written a profound book with Triple Value Leadership. Right at the intersection of business, leadership and sustainability, it sheds light on all the outdated ways we think about business and provides new ways of thinking about how we need to lead in order to face today’s challenges. It should become a must read for all leaders."

    Dr Matthias Birk, Adjunct Associate Professor for Leadership at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service; Global Director of Partner Development at White & Case LLP

    "Triple Value Leadership by Sander Tideman is very relevant for any leader of an organization willing to make positive societal impact. The book helps to clarify the dilemmas at various levels of complexity that we face when developing and implementing sustainability strategy. It provides accessible and easy-to-apply suggestions to realize a sustainable value creation strategy in which there is win-win for business, clients and society. The book is an impressive piece of work and a joy to read."

    Wendy de Jong, CEO, Oost NL - East Netherlands Development Agency

    "To align the interests of business, society and the planet, we need to become sustainability warriors, and this requires a groundbreaking mind-shift for most of us. Grounded in first hand experience, filled with inspiring stories and practical tools, Triple Value Leadership talks to the mind, the heart and the soul. It takes a deep and compassionate approach to supporting companies and their leaders in the journey towards Triple Value Creation. That it is also a well written book that leaves the reader grateful and energized is very much the cherry on the cake!"

    Laurence Debroux, Non Executive Board Member, Novo Nordisk, Exor, Juventus, Kite Inisghts, HEC Business School; and former CFO, Heineken, JCDecaux, Sanofi

    "Triple Value Leadership invites us to look directly at how we’ve been constructing our way of working in modern times and then guides us to transform "business as usual" into a new, science-informed, systems-based way of finding a win-win-win approach that will benefit organizations, customers, and our larger society. Sander Tideman has created a concise and incisive exploration of what our contemporary culture needs to shift from a narrow, individual focus toward a broader, systems-wide view in which stakeholders, shareholders, and our human and natural environments can all prosper. Built on a solid science of how groups and the mind function, this important book provides a timely roadmap for how we can build a world with purpose in which all may benefit and flourish." 

    Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., New York Times bestselling author, Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

    Triple Value Leadership is an inspiring and concise book on sustainable leadership, based on sound research. It highlights practical examples of companies and leaders who successfully combine solid financial results with a positive impact on our planet and society and avoid huge, costly mistakes. Food for thought for those who want to take sustainable leadership to the next level, for themselves, their organization or our system as a whole."

    Hans Reus, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates 

    "A magnificent achievement packed full of wonderfully integrated models, ideas, and applications. Sander Tideman provides a robust and compelling guide to the why what, and how of sustainable business. Triple Value Leadership is informative, wise, and practical." 

    Nathalie Hourihan, Independent writer and researcher; acting Chief Knowledge Officer for Mobius Executive Leadership; previously Organizational Behaviour Knowledge Expert for McKinsey & Company

    "In his new book, Triple Value Leadership, Sander Tideman offers the most visionary, science-based and accessible approach to our current global crisis of leadership available. His critique of the outmoded model and mindset of business as usual is as comprehensive as it is stunningly clear. Yet even more stunning is the radical solution he offers in his model of sustainable business and leadership—Triple Value Creation—grounded in the new science of complex adaptive systems. The final tour de force that makes this book the only guide out there equal to the unprecedented challenges of our age is the way it integrates Tideman’s big picture solution with detailed success stories of sustainable businesses as well as a practical roadmap for the six key changes in mindset and capacity that will allow leaders to deliver the sustainable future of Triple Value Creation."

    Joseph Loizzo, MD, Founder, Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science and co-author of Boundless Leadership