1st Edition

Triumph Over Abuse Healing, Recovery, and Purpose after an Abusive Relationship

By Christine E. Murray Copyright 2021
    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this book Christine Murray carefully weaves her personal experiences as a survivor with her professional expertise as a counselor, community advocate, and researcher into a comprehensive guidebook for survivors of abuse.

    Moving forward after suffering abuse at the hands of someone who is supposed to love and care for you is no easy feat. And yet, healing and recovering from past abuse is possible, and the journey to get there can be an empowering opportunity for growth. Triumph Over Abuse provides a road map for doing more than simply moving on from the past. Filled with accessible case studies and exercises, the book offers extensive practical guidance on a range of topics, such as building coping skills, surrounding yourself with the right kinds of support, working through traumatic memories, and channeling your experience into helping others and making a difference in the world.

    The book will inspire and equip survivors of abuse to build full, meaningful lives despite the trauma they have faced, as well as being a tool for clinicians to use to support clients.

    1. Introduction: Triumphing Over Abuse

    2. Practicing Self-Care and Coping

    3. Surrounding Yourself with the Right Support

    4. Educating Yourself about Abuse

    5. Taking Back Control of Your Mind

    6. Fostering Positive Mental and Emotional Health

    7. Being the Best Parent You Can Be

    8. Dealing with Continued Abuse

    9. Building a Strong Foundation for Your Finances and Career

    10. Helping Others

    11. Telling Your Story, On Your Own Terms

    12. Conclusion: Beyond Survivorship


    Christine E. Murray, Ph.D., LCHMC, LMFT, is the Director of the UNC Greensboro Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships. She is a co-founder of the See the Triumph campaign.

    "The journey out of and beyond a violent intimate relationship is often complex and challenging. With this book, Dr. Christine E. Murray offers a meaningful roadmap for that very journey. While deeply grounded in recent evidence and her own research, readers of this book will find compassionate and practical guidance for moving forward with their lives after an abusive relationship. This book is recommended for those working to end a violent relationship, those who are recently coming out of a violent relationship, and for those who love someone struggling with a violent relationship, whether you are parent, sibling, new partner, or friend." – Rebecca J. Macy, Ph.D., MSW, L. Richardson Preyer Distinguished Chair for Strengthening Families, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Family Violence

    "Triumph Over Abuse: Healing, Recovery, and Purpose after an Abusive Relationship by Dr. Christine Murray is a thorough, comprehensive and practical guide for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. Dr. Murray crafted this book in such a way that the experience of reading it feels very much like talking with an old friend who has 'been there' and knows how to guide a victim/survivor through the thought process and behavioral choices aimed at reclaiming their life after the end of an abusive relationship. In addition to her own voice, Dr. Murray represents the voices of countless other victims and survivors who have shared their experiences and insights in the research she has done on strategies used to heal from the wounds of intimate partner violence. In addition to survivors, this book should be read by every person who works with victims and survivors because it places the helper in the shoes of the victim/survivor and provides the means for respectful, trauma informed thinking and communication. At every step, Dr. Murray describes the issue at hand, discusses options and affirms the reader’s right to decide for themselves how, when and whether to proceed. This is a wonderful resource and I will use it in my own work with intimate partner violence survivors." – L. Kevin Hamberger, Ph.D., Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin