1st Edition

Tropical Archaeobotany Applications and New Developments

Edited By Jon G. Hather Copyright 1994
    ISBN 9780415589109
    290 Pages
    Published November 12, 2010 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415097840
    296 Pages
    Published July 12, 1994 by Routledge

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    Tropical Archaeobotany fills the need for a substantial reference work on plant remains from the tropics. It covers the examination, identification and interpretation of plant remains in tropical archaeology, whilst also the origins, spread, investigating the origins, spread, distribution and past use of tropical plants for food and other purposes. Recent technological developments in electron microscopy and biochemical and genetic research, as well as increased interest in tropical environments and ecosystems, are now beginning to realise the great potential for archaeobotanical research in the tropics. With the use of case studies from a wide range of areas, this volume details the latest macroscopic, microscopic and chemical techniques for the analysis of plant remains, from seeds, roots and tubers to epidermal fragments, pollen and phytoliths. Each chapter of Tropical Archaeobotany focuses on a different aspect of archaeobotanical research, using detailed examples from a varieety of tropical areas, though with its emphasis on techniques and methodology the book has a relevance beyond the regional scope of each chapter.

    `This marvellous volume details the latest advances in the analysis and interpretation of archaeobotanical remains from tropical areas. ... a wealth of useful information on the various kinds of plant materials that the archaeologist may retrieve from tropical sites ... Hather and his authors are to be congratulated for laying the basis for a potentially powerful interdisciplinary approach to the problem of agricultural origins.' - Antiquity

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