1st Edition

Tropical Resources Ecology and Development

    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1990 Tropical Resources presents in-depth coverage of the extremely diverse tropical environments, the resources to be found within the region and their production, and ecological management. The book discusses economic geography and ways of utilizing available resources, including those of tropical forests, wildlife, tidal wetlands and the sea. The book also include chapters on the development and land use of protected areas, the ecological aspects of pasture resources; and the impacts of economic development and population damage. In addition, studies are offered on tropical soils, including their distribution properties and management and the ecological processes at work in tropical forests. For geographers, economists and policymakers, the book provides a wealth of information on tropical resources and their potential development.

    1. Environments, Production and Resources, R.D. Hill

    2. Tropical Soils: Distribution, Properties and Management, R. Lal

    3. Ecological Processes in Tropical Forest, Frank B. Golley

    4. Tropical Forest Resources, E.F. Bruenig

    5. Tropical Wildlife Resources, S.K. Eltringham

    6. Tidal Wetland Resources in the Tropics, Peter R. Burbridge

    7. Marine Resources in the Tropics, S.Z. Qasim and M.V. Wafar

    8. Impacts of Economic Development and Population Change on Thailand’s Forests, Peter Kunstadter

    9. Protected Areas, Development, and Land Use in the Tropics, Jeffrey A. McNeely and John R. MacKinnon

    10. Ecological Aspects of Tropical Pasture Resources, M. Numamta

    11. Tropical Agroforestry Systems and Practices, P.K.R. Nair

    12. Tropical Reservoir Fisheries, T.O. Petr and James M. Kapetsky

    13. Aquaculture in Tropical Asia, Rafael D. Guerro III

    14. Marine Regulated Areas: An Expanded Approach for the Tropics, Nicholas V.C. Polunin

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    Jose I. Furtado, William B. Morgan, James R. Pfafflin, Kenneth Ruddle