1st Edition

True Triaxial Testing of Rocks

Edited By Marek Kwasniewski, Xiaochun Li, Manabu Takahashi Copyright 2012
    384 Pages 240 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    384 Pages 240 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This is the first book ever published on the problems of true triaxial testing of rocks addressing all aspects of true triaxial testing of rocks, including: (i) true triaxial testing techniques and procedures; (ii) test results: strength, deformability, failure mode, permeability, acoustic emission, and elastic wave velocity; (iii) constitutive laws and failure criteria; and (iv) applications to geoengineering and geosciences.

    Recent developments in the field of true triaxial testing of rocks are presented, as well as a thorough review of the most important achievements in the whole history of true triaxial testing of rocks.

    Almost all researchers from around the world engaged in the true triaxial testing of rocks over the last three decades have contributed to this work. The authors originate from different branches of geoengineering and geosciences, including civil engineering, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, seismology, and tectonophysics.


    True Triaxial Testing Techniques and Procedures

    True-triaxial testing techniques of rocks – State of the art and future perspectives
    X. Li, L. Shi, B. Bai, Q. Li, D. Xu, and X. Feng

    Numerical analysis of loading boundary effects in Mogi-type true triaxial tests
    L. Shi, X. Li, B. Bai, Q. Li, and X. Feng

    Design and development of integrated true triaxial rock testing system
    L. Lombos, D.W. Roberts, and M.S. King

    The FPMs (UMons-Belgium) device for investigating the mechanical behavior of materials subjected to true triaxial compression
    J.-P. Tshibangu and F. Descamps

    Study of the failure and deformability of jointed rock masses using large rock block specimens
    K. Suzuki

    The hollow cylinder test as an alternative to true triaxial loading of prismatic rock specimens
    C. Dinis da Gama

    Design and fabrication of a low cost true triaxial cell for testing multiple size specimens
    A.K. Schwartzkopff, S. Priest, N. Melkoumian, and J.A. Egudo

    Test Results: Strength, Deformability, Failure Mode, Permeability, Acoustic Emission, Elastic Wave Velocity, …

    Mechanical behavior of rocks under true triaxial compression conditions – A review
    M. Kwaśniewski

    How I developed a true triaxial rock testing machine
    K. Mogi

    True triaxial testing reveals hitherto unknown rock mechanical properties
    B. Haimson

    Imaging the effect of the intermediate principal stress on strength, deformation and transport properties of rocks using seismic methods
    R.P. Young, M.H.B. Nasseri, and L. Lombos

    Mechanical characteristics of rock salt determined using the Absolute Triaxial Testing (ATT) machine
    S. Sakurai and S. Serata

    Seismic wave velocity anisotropy in Westerly granite under a true triaxial compression test
    M. Takahashi

    Deformation and strength characteristics of Kimachi sandstone under confined compression and extension test conditions
    N. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, H. Park, Y. Fujii, and T. Takemura

    Failure Mechanism and Failure Criteria

    Estimating the parameters for a three-dimensional failure criterion for rocks from a single test
    P.V. Lade

    A new failure criterion for transversely isotropic rocks and its validation against true triaxial tests
    J. Pei and H.H. Einstein

    Stress path dependency of failure mechanism from the viewpoint of dilatant behavior
    T. Takemura, K. Suzuki, A. Golshani, and M. Takahashi

    Weakness plane model to simulate effects of stress states on rock strengths
    Y. Fujii

    Applications to Geoengineering and Geosciences

    A modified true triaxial test system that allows a specimen to be unloaded on one surface
    M.C. He, X.N. Jia, W.L. Gong, G.J. Liu, and F. Zhao

    Seismic quiescence and foreshock activity preceding the 2007 Niigata-ken Chuetsu-oki earthquake (M6.8) in Japan
    K. Mogi

    Stress state effect on the mechanical behavior of coals under true triaxial compression conditions
    A.D. Alexeev, V.N. Revva, and A.V. Molodetski

    Experimental study of wellbore deformation in a deep claystone formation
    Y. Lu, M. Chen, Y. Jin, P. Yang, Z. Xie, J. Yuan, and K. Fan

    Triaxial loading system as a tool for solving geotechnical problems of oil and gas production
    V. Karev and Yu. Kovalenko

    A true triaxial stress cell (TTSC) used for simulations of real field operations in the lab
    V. Rasouli


    Fractographical analysis of the failure surfaces from triaxial extension tests on Kimachi sandstone
    Y. Fujii , N. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, T. Takemura, and H. Park

    Energy conversion and damage evolution of rocks under cyclic loading conditions
    R.D. Peng, Y. Ju, H. Xie, and L.Y. Li

    Superbrittle failure regime of rocks at conventional triaxial compression
    B. Tarasov

    Depth-dependent mechanical parameters of basalt: an experimental study
    H.W. Zhou, J.P. Zuo, D.J. Xue, H. Xie, and J.F. Liu


    Marek Kwasniewski, Xiaochun Li, Manabu Takahashi