1st Edition

Trust in International Relations Rationalist, Constructivist, and Psychological Approaches

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    Trust is a core concept in International Relations (IR), representing a key ingredient in state relations. It was only relatively recently that IR scholars began to probe what trust really is, how it can be studied, and how it affects state relations. In the process three distinct ways of theorising trust in IR have emerged: trust as a rational choice calculation, as a social phenomenon or as a psychological dimension. Trust in International Relations explores trust through these different lenses using case studies to analyse the relative strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. The case studies cover relations between:

    • United States and India
    • ASEAN and Southeast Asian countries
    • Finland and Sweden
    • USA and Egypt
    • The European Union and Russia
    • Turkey’s relations with the West

    This book provides insights with real-world relevance in the fields of crisis and conflict management, and will be of great interest for students and scholars of IR, security studies and development studies who are looking to develop a more sophisticated understanding of how different theories of trust can be used in different situations.

    Introduction Johanna Vuorelma, Hiski Haukkala and Carina van de Wetering
    Part One: Trust during the Cold War
    1. Is Non-Democratic Trust Possible? The Case of Russia-China Relations and the Great Power Peace Marcin Kaczmarski 
    2. Calculative Based Trust and the Formation of Trusting Relationships in International Relations Scott Edwards 
    3. Mistrust amongst Democracies: Constructing US–India Insecurity during the Cold War Carina van de Wetering
    4. Institution-based Trust, Leadership Style and President Carter’s Use of the Moscow–Washington Hotline Eszter Simon and Agnes Simon 
    Part Two: Trust in Recent Years 
    5. The Trust that never was: The Rupture of EU–Russia Relations over the Conflict in Ukraine Hiski Haukkala and Sinikukka Saari 
    6. The Levels of Trust and the Trust-Peace Nexus: The Case of the United States-Egypt Relationship in the Post-"Arab Spring" Frame Ville Sinkkonen 
    7. Mistrust within Trust: Finnish–Swedish Security Political Cooperation and the Ghosts of 1990 EEC Application Analogy Matti Pesu and Tapio Juntunen 
    Conclusion Johanna Vuorelma, Hiski Haukkala and Carina van de Wetering


    Hiski Haukkala, Faculty of Management, University of Tampere, Finland

    Carina van de Wetering, Institute of Political Science, Leiden University, The Netherlands

    Johanna Vuorelma, Network for European Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland