1st Edition

Truth and Truth-making

By E. J. Lowe, A. Rami Copyright 2009

    Truth depends in some sense on reality. But it is a rather delicate matter to spell this intuition out in a plausible and precise way. According to the theory of truth-making this intuition implies that either every truth or at least every truth of a certain class of truths has a so-called truth-maker, an entity whose existence accounts for truth. This book aims to provide several ways of assessing the correctness of this controversial claim. The book presents a detailed introduction to the theory of truth-making, which outlines truth-maker relations, the ontological category of truth-making entities, and the scope of a truth-maker theory. The essays brought together here represent the most important articles on truth-making in the last three decades as well as new essays by leading researchers in the field of the theory of truth and of truth-making.

    1. Introduction: truth and truth-making, A. Rami Part I: Setting the stage 2. Truth and the truth-maker principle in 1921, Kevin Mulligan 3. Truthmakers, Kevin Mulligan, Peter Simons and Barry Smith 4. Truth-makers, entailment and necessity, Greg Restall 5. Postscript to "Truth-makers, entailment and necessity", Greg Restall 6. Truth-making and difference-making, David Lewis 7. The general theory of truth-making, D. M. Armstrong Part II: The current debate 8. Truth-making and correspondence, Marian David 9. Facts and relations: the matter of ontology and of truth-making, Herbert Hochberg 10. Being and truth, Paul Horwich 11. An essentialist approach to truth-making, E. J. Lowe 12. Are there irreducibly relational facts?, Josh Parsons 13. Why truthmakers, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra 14. Postscript to "Why truth-makers", Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra Bibliography Index


    E. J. Lowe, A. Rami