1st Edition

Truth in Perspective Recent Issues in Logic, Representation and Ontology

    441 Pages
    by Routledge

    446 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1998, this volume has its origin in a meeting that was held in Santiago de Compostela University, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in January 1996. The meeting was organized by the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science in cooperation with the Association for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Spain. Within analytical philosophy issues such as the definability of truth, its semantic relevance, its role in the distinction between formal and natural languages, the status of truth-bearers or in its case of truth-makers, have become a crossroads in the studies of logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology and ontology. Thus, in spite of what the title Truth in Perspective may suggest to the reader at first, the present volume is not only - though it is also a presentation of different theories or conceptions of truth. Most of the book presents a vision of different groups of philosophical questions in which the issue of truth appears embedded together with other related themes, from different points of view.

    Part 1. Theories of Truth. 1. Is the Concept of Truth Needed for Semantics? Michael Dummett. 2. Truth from a Constructive Perspective. Dag Prawitz. 3. A Paradox of Truth Minimalism. Manuel García-Carpintero. Part 2. Logic and Truth. 4. Hilbert’s Metamathematics and the Finitist Point of View. Matthias Schirn. 5. The Little Mermaid. Mara Manzano, Ágnes Kurucz, Ildikó Sain. 6. Information-Theoretic Logic. John Corcoran. 7. Quantification and the Logic of Generalized Propositions. Daniel Vanderveken. 8. Formal Ontology, Semantical Interpretation and Logic. Luis Villegas-Forero, Janusz Maciaszek. 9. Modes of Many-Valuedness. Grzegorz Malinowski. 10. Inhabited Temporalized Deontic World. Patrice Bailhache. Part 3. Representation and Truth. 11. Representing. John T. Kearns. 12. Functionalism and the Spatial Content of Experience. Daniel Quesada. 13. The Intentional Versus the Propositional Conception of the Objects of Belief. Wolfgang Spohn. Part 4. Realism and Truth. 14. Reflections on Relativism: from Momentous Tautology to Seductive Contradiction. Susan Haack. 15. What Classes of Things are There? C. Ulises Moulines. 16. How Language Hooks on to the World. Juan Vázquez. 17. Variables, Ontological Commitment and the Immanence of Truth. Juan J. Acero. 18. Representational Semantics for Scientific Theories. José L. Falguera. 19. Incommensurability, Reference and Truth. Luis Fernández-Moreno.

    ’Over the past twenty years, Spain has undergone a remarkable growth in logic and analytic philosophy. This excellent book is the product of a recent conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. It represents work by many of this generation of Spanish philosophers, as well as other distinguished scholars from around the world. The book shows that while truth is one of the oldest topics in philosophy, it is still fertile ground for philosophers and logicians alike.’ Jon Barwise, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University ’...The collection is wide ranging, with papers touching on many issues in philosophy of language and logic and metaphysics.’ Studia Logica.