1st Edition

Tubular Structures XIV

Edited By Leroy Gardner Copyright 2012

    Tubular Structures XIV contains the latest scientific and engineering developments in the field of tubular steel structures, as presented at the 14th International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS14, Imperial College London, UK, 12-14 September 2012). The International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS) has a long-standing reputation for being the principal showcase for manufactured tubing and the prime international forum for presentation and discussion of research, developments and applications in this field.
    Various key and emerging subjects in the field of hollow structural sections are covered, such as: special applications and case studies, static and fatigue behaviour of connections/joints, concrete-filled and composite tubular members and offshore structures, earthquake and dynamic resistance, specification and standard developments, material properties and section forming, stainless steel and aluminum structures, fire resistance, castings and fabrication innovations. Research and development issues presented in this topical book are applicable to buildings, bridges, offshore structures, entertainment rides, cranes, trusses and towers.

    Tubular Structures XIV is thus a pertinent reference source for architects, civil and mechanical engineers, designers, steel fabricators and contractors, manufacturers of hollow sections or related construction products, trade associations involved with tubing, owners or developers of tubular structures, steel specification committees, academics and research students all around the world.


    Publications of previous international symposia on tubular structures

    ISTS Kurobane lecture

    Hybrid hollow structural sections
    X.L. Zhao

    CIDECT 50th anniversary session papers

    Tubular steel structures in architecture
    M. Eekhout

    Design and erection of the London Eye and theWembley National Stadium arch
    A.P. Mann

    Composite construction

    Local buckling in Concrete-Filled circular Tubes (CFT)
    R. Chacón, E. Mirambell & E. Real

    Concrete filled circular hollow sections under cyclic axial loading
    T. Sheehan &T.M. Chan

    An experimental study of high-strength CFST columns subjected to axial load and non-constant bending moments
    D. Hernández-Figueirido, M.L. Romero, J.L. Bonet & A. Hospitaler

    Static behavior of T-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular columns subjected to eccentric compressive loads
    H. Yang, S.M. Zhang & Y.L. Yang

    Time effects on the static response of concrete filled steel tubular arch bridges
    Y. Geng, X.R.Wu, Y.Y.Wang & G. Ranzi

    Experimental study on concrete-filled cold-formed steel tubular stub columns
    A.Z. Zhu, L.L. Luo & H.P. Zhu

    Concrete filled double skin circular tubular members subjected to pure bending and centric compressive loading
    K. Uenaka & H. Kitoh

    Design of concrete filled tubular CHS T-joints under in-plane bending
    J. Chen,W.L. Jin, Y. Ye & X.H. Sheng

    Research on the shear transfer mechanism of CFT panel zone
    J. Fan, X. Cheng & H. Zhou

    Concrete filled double skin asymmetric tube sections subjected to pure bending
    A. Albareda Valls & J. Maristany Carreras


    Influence of the angle in the strength of RHS K-joints in galvanized lattice girders
    M.A. Serrano-López, C. López-Colina, A. Lozano, G. Iglesias & J. González

    Over strength criteria of slotted connections with high yield strength steels
    S. Iwamoto & K. Ochi

    Finite Element Modelling of beam-to-column flush end plate connections utilising blind bolts
    O. Mirza & B. Uy

    Shear behaviour of open beam-to-tubular column angle connections
    Y. Liu, C. Málaga-Chuquitaype &A.Y. Elghazouli

    Residual stress investigation of welded high strength steel box T-joints
    S.P. Chiew, J. Jiang & C.K. Lee

    Branch plate-to-CHS T-connections: Finite element study and design recommendations
    A.P. Voth & J.A. Packer

    Response of beam-to-tubular column angle connections subjected to combined flexure and axial loading
    Y. Liu, C. Málaga-Chuquitaype & A.Y. Elghazouli

    Capacity of CFRHS X-joints made of double-grade S420 steel
    T. Björk & H. Saastamoinen

    Experimental investigation of the static capacity of grade C450 RHS T and X truss joints
    J. Becque & T.Wilkinson

    FEA of T & X joints in Grade C450 steel
    M. Mohan & T.Wilkinson

    Measurements vs. estimation of nominal and local strain in a tubular K-joint of a stinger
    N.S. Ermolaeva, Y. Yu, X. Chen & H. Ren

    Lessons learned from testing of tubular steel Joints after 30 year in service
    Å. Pedersen, P. Decosemaeker & M. Lefranc

    Structural performance of TS590 high-strength steel welded tubular joints under extreme bending loading
    G.E. Varelis, S.A. Karamanos, T. Papatheocharis & P.C. Perdikaris

    Numerical investigation of welding residual stresses in planar bridge trusses made of CHS steel profiles
    F. Zamiri, A. Nussbaumer & C. Acevedo

    Analysis of the load transfer in composite columns with concrete filled hollow sections – bolts as load transfer devices
    R.H. Fakury, R.B. Caldas, P.H.F. Almeida & A.H.M. Araújo

    Proposed corrections for EN 1993-1-8, Part “Hollow Section Joints”
    J.Wardenier, R.S. Puthli & G.J. van der Vegte

    Nonlinear formulation for tubular X-joints in frame analysis
    X. Qian, Y. Zhang & Y.S. Choo

    Numerical and analytical investigation of geometrical imperfections on adhesive bonded cast steel – steel joints
    M. Albiez, F. Götz, R.S. Puthli &T. Ummenhofer

    Axially loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X joints, Part I: Experiments and numerical calibration
    W. Shen, Y.S. Choo, J.Wardenier, G.J. van der Vegte & J.A. Packer

    Axially loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X joints, Part II: Results and analysis
    W. Shen, J.Wardenier, J.A. Packer, Y.S. Choo & G.J. van der Vegte

    Elliptical hollow sections

    Numerical modeling and design of cold-formed steel oval hollow section compression members
    J.H. Zhu & B. Young

    Interaction relations for members of hot rolled elliptical hollow sections
    F. Nowzartash & M. Mohareb

    Finite Element Modelling of beam to concrete filled elliptical steel column connections
    D. Lam & X.H. Dai

    Elastic buckling of elliptical hollow sections under linearly varying in-plane stress distributions
    J.M. Abela & L. Gardner

    Elliptical hollow section beam-columns
    K.H. Law & L. Gardner

    Buckling and classification of high-strength steel CHS tubular members under axial compression and bending
    P. Pappa & S.A. Karamanos

    Fatigue and fracture

    Assessment of brittle fracture for cast steel connections in braced frames
    T. Iwashita, J.A. Packer & J. Carlos de Oliveira

    Plastic collapse loads Pc and CTODs of a cracked Circular Hollow Section (CHS) T-joint
    T. Li, S.T. Lie & Y.B. Shao

    Root cracking in tubular joints with enhanced partial joint penetration welds
    P.W. Marshall, X. Qian, Y. Petchdemaneegam & C.T. Thang

    Fatigue behaviour of CFRP-strengthened thin-walled RHS-to-SHS cross-beam connections
    Z.-G. Xiao, X.-L. Zhao & D. Borrie

    Further experimental study on assessment of safety of beam-column connections with weld defects from brittle fracture
    K. Azuma &T. Iwashita

    Stress concentration factors for fatigue design of CHS-SHS T-joints
    L.W. Tong, H.Z. Zheng, F.R. Mashiri & X.L. Zhao

    Stainless steel

    Investigation of the behavior of gusset plate welded slotted stainless steel tubular members under axial tension
    G. Kiymaz & E. Seckin

    Numerical modelling of prestressed stayed stainless steel columns
    L.R.O. de Lima, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco, J.G.S. da Silva & R.R. Araújo

    Experimental studies on recycled aggregate concrete filled stainless steel tube stub columns
    Y.F. Yang, G.L. Ma & J.Wang

    Predictive models for strength enhancements in cold-formed structural sections
    B. Rossi, S. Afshan & L. Gardner

    Behaviour of cold-formed lean duplex stainless steel sections
    Y. Huang & B. Young

    2D finite-element modelling of stainless steel cold-formed RHS subjected to elevated temperatures
    O. Salem, O. El-Husseiny, E. Matar & M. El-Dib

    Web crippling of ferritic stainless steel tubular members strengthened with high modulus CFRP plate
    S.M.Z. Islam & B. Young

    Ultimate capacity of stainless steel RHS subjected to combined compression and bending
    M. Theofanous, A. Liew & L. Gardner

    Eccentric compression tests on high strength duplex stainless steel columns
    W.M. Lui, B. Young & M. Ashraf

    Lean duplex stainless steel hollow stub columns of Square, L-, T-, and +-shaped cross sections under pure axial compression – a finite element study
    M.L. Patton & K.D. Singh

    Architecture, applications and case studies

    E-conditioned Chimneys in Madrid
    X. Aguiló i Aran

    Towards a new balance between architecture and building technology
    M. Eekhout

    Application of concrete filled steel tubular arch bridges in China
    Y.Y.Wang, X.R.Wu, Y. Geng & S.M. Zhang

    Blue Tree in a Red Landscape: Structure of a sculpture
    R.H. Keays

    Helicoidal footbridge over the Manzanares River
    C. Castañón Jiménez, A. Serrano Corral & J. Martínez Calzón


    Investigation of concrete-filled aluminum circular hollow section columns
    F. Zhou & B. Young

    Compression tests of aluminium alloy cross-sections
    M.N. Su, B. Young & L. Gardner

    Bending tests of aluminium alloy cross-sections
    M.N. Su, B. Young & L. Gardner

    Dynamic three-point bending tests on aluminium foam filled steel tubes
    G. Rathnaweera, D. Ruan, V. Nagaraj &Y. Durandet

    Theoretical analysis of foam-filled aluminum tubes subjected to bending and denting
    M. Elchalakani & D. Ruan

    Earthquake and dynamic response

    Seismic response and damage limit of concrete filled steel tube frame
    K. Goto

    Experimental evaluation of CHS KK-joints under out-of-plane bending for seismic applications
    W.Wang, Y.Y. Chen & B.D. Zhao

    A smart multi-spring assembling model for simulation of hysteretic behavior of unstiffened CHS X-Joint
    B.D. Zhao &Y.Y. Chen

    Parametric finite element analysis of the cyclic flexural behavior of hollow structural sections
    M. Fadden & J. McCormick

    Vibration analysis of tubular footbridges induced by human walking
    G.L. Debona, J.G.S. da Silva, A.C.C.F. Sieira, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco & L.R.O. de Lima


    Shape effect on structural fire behaviour of axially loaded Concrete Filled Tubular (CFT) stub columns
    X.H. Dai & D. Lam

    An experimental study of the fire behaviour of slender concrete filled circular hollow section columns
    A. Espinos, M.L. Romero, A. Hospitaler, C. Ibañez, A. Pascual &V. Moliner

    Nonlinear finite element modelling of flexible I-beam to square hollow section column connections subjected to earthquake and subsequent fire
    Q.-Y. Song, A. Heidarpour, X.-L. Zhao & L.-H. Han

    Performance of CHS T-joints in a standard fire test
    M.P. Nguyen, K.H. Tan &T.C. Fung

    Structural behavior of CHS T-joints subjected to brace in-plane bending at elevated temperatures
    M.P. Nguyen, T.C. Fung & K.H. Tan

    FE modelling of bolted steel end-plate moment connections subjected to a standard fire
    O. Salem, G. Hadjisophocleous & E. Zalok

    Experimental behaviour of reverse channel connection component under bolt tension at elevated temperatures
    M. Jafarian &Y.C.Wang

    Behaviour of steel beams connected to CFT column in fire during cooling stage
    S. Elsawaf, Y.C.Wang & P. Mandal

    Fire resistance for square tubular joints with and without chord reinforcement
    J. Yang, Y.B. Shao, C. Cheng, S.P. Chiew & S.T. Lie

    Behaviour of the reverse channel joint component at elevated temperature
    F.C. Lopes, A. Santiago, L. Simões da Silva, T. Heistermann, M. Veljkovic & J.G.S. da Silva

    Trusses and arches

    Buckling analysis of steel trusses with thin-walled RHS members using Generalised Beam Theory (GBT)
    C. Basaglia & D. Camotim

    Analytical modelling of mode jumping in the buckling of prestressed stayed columns
    M. AhmerWadee, T.A. Hunt & L. Gardner

    Nonlinear creep analysis and buckling of shallow Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular arches
    Y.-L. Pi & M.A. Bradford

    Design and construction of a space truss for a heavy maintenance hangar in Barcelona Airport
    A. Insausti, I. Ascaso, F. Hernández, X. Balda & J.I. Trueba

    Design and construction of long-span post-tensioned tubular steel structures
    M.E. Ellen, J. Gosaye, L. Gardner & M. AhmerWadee

    Structural behaviour

    Effect of cross sectional configurations on the bending strength of Hollow Flange Beams
    A. Ibrahim, A. Shaat, A. Matloub &A. Dessouki

    First order elastoplastic GBT analysis of tubular beams
    M. Abambres, D. Camotim & N. Silvestre

    GBT buckling analysis of thin-walled steel tubular members with regular polygonal cross-sections
    R. Gonçalves, T. Patricio & D. Camotim

    Advanced analysis and design of structures composed of concrete-filled hollow sections
    S.L. Chan, Y.P. Liu, S.W. Liu & R. Chu

    Strength and stability of High-Strength Steel tubular beam-columns
    A.E. Pournara, S.A. Karamanos, J. Ferino &A. Lucci

    Materials and section forming

    Direct forming versus continuous forming, for cold-formed square hollow sections
    M. Sun & J.A. Packer

    Avoidance of brittle fracture of cold-formed hollow sections by appropriate choice of steel material
    B. Eichler, M. Feldmann & G. Sedlacek

    Experimental study on strength and ductility of steel tubular stub columns filled with Geopolymeric Recycled Concrete
    X.S. Shi, Q.Y.Wang, X.L. Zhao & F. Collins

    Rotation capacity and ductility of square hollow sections: A comparison between cold-formed and hot-finished sections
    S. Terada, K. Ochi &T. Nagaoka

    Comparative study on cold-formed, hot-formed and hot-finished structural hollow sections
    S.P. Chiew & M.S. Zhao

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    Leroy Gardner Imperial College London, UK