1st Edition

Tunisia Rural Labour and Structural Transformation

By Ajit Ghose, Vali Jamal, Samir Radwan Copyright 1991

    After two decades of spectacular growth, the Tunisian economy is in crisis. The authors identify the reasons for this, and look closely at the transformation of the economy, assessing its implications, particularly for the labour market and the distribution of income and welfare.

    Preface 1. Introduction 2. Employment and Labour Markets 3. The Agrarian Economy: Evolution and Prospects 4. Income Distribution and Poverty 5. Food Consumption, Food Balances and Subsidies 6. Conclusion Appendix I Labour Migration from Tunisia Appendix II Estimates of Unemployment Appendix III Poverty Lines in Tunisia: A Critical Review Index


    Samir Radwan, Vali Jamal, Ajit Ghose

    `...the book provides a useful appraisal of the data on poverty in Tunisia, followed by a critical examination of conventional wisdom on trends in Tunisia's food balances...this book is informative and thought-provoking.' - Journal of Development Studies