1st Edition

Turkey in Europe

By Charles Eliot Copyright 2004

    First Published in 2004. The papers presented in this book were written at various periods, but have a certain unity as being the result of an attempt to understand what is the real condition of Turkey and how that condition has arisen. The author recognises that an adequate knowledge of any one of the many themes here touched upon can only be obtained by lifelong research; but feels that for the purposes of practical politics it is well to see only one side of a question and act accordingly. This book sets itself apart from non-political writers who often impair the value of their work because they devote themselves to a special subject and unconsciously become partisans.

    Chapter 1 Before the Turkish Conquest; Chapter 2 After the Turkish Conquest; Chapter 3 The Turks (I); Chapter 4 The Turks (II); Chapter 5 The Turks (III); Chapter 6 Mohammedanism; Chapter 7 The Orthodox Church; Chapter 8 The Greeks; Chapter 9 The Bulgarians and Serbs; Chapter 10 The Albanians and Vlachs; Chapter 11 The Armenians; Chapter 12 1907; Chapter 13 The Outlook;


    Sir Charles Eliot