1st Edition

Turning Point End of the Growth Paradigm

By Robert Ayres Copyright 1998

    This text discusses the current basis of economic growth, concluding that it is is failing to deliver, and is actually harming our prospects for future security. Further arguments propose a possible long-term strategy for economic revival - eco-restructuring. This strategy involves a shifting away from production of goods to production of services, closing material cycles and eliminating reliance on non-renewable resources.

    Chapter 1 On Possible and Impossible Futures; Chapter 2 Drivers of Change; Chapter 3 The Coming Economic Crisis of the West; Chapter 4 Wild Cards: Russia, China, India and Islam; Chapter 5 Technology, Progress and Economic Growth; Chapter 6 More on Jobs; Chapter 7 The Growth Illusion; Chapter 8 Equity, Poverty and the Coming Social Crisis; Chapter 9 ::; Chapter 10 Eco-restructuring for Sustainability; Chapter 11 The Government Role; Chapter 12 International Development Issues; Chapter 13 The Economic Growth Paradigm; Chapter 14 The Free Trade Paradigm; Chapter 15 National Debt and National Wealth;


    Ayres, Robert