1st Edition

Tutorials in Visual Cognition

Edited By

Veronika Coltheart

ISBN 9781138986275
Published October 10, 2016 by Psychology Press
390 Pages

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Book Description

In the late-1980s, visual cognition was a small subfield of cognitive psychology, and the standard texts mainly discussed just iconic memory in their sections on visual cognition. In the subsequent two decades, and especially very recently, many remarkable new aspects of the processing of brief visual stimuli have been discovered -- change blindness, repetition blindness, the attentional blink, newly-discovered properties of visual short-term memory and of the face recognition system, the influence of reentrant processing on visual perception, and the surprisingly intimate relationships between eyeblinks and visual cognition.

This volume provides up-to-date tutorial reviews of these many new developments in the study of visual cognition written by the leaders in the discipline, providing an incisive and comprehensive survey of research in this dynamic field.

Table of Contents

V. Coltheart, Introduction to Tutorials in Visual Cognition.  V. Di Lollo, Iterative Reentrant Processing: A Conceptual Framework for Perception and Cognition. W. Prinzmetal, A.N. Landau, Dissecting Spatial Visual Attention. J. Theeuwes, A. Belopolsky, Top-down and Bottom-up Control of Visual Selection: Controversies and Debate. J.M. Wolfe, T.S. Horowitz, E.M. Palmer, K.O. Michod, M.J. Van Wert, Getting Into Guided Search. D.E. Irwin, L.E. Thomas, Eyeblinks and Cognition. P. Jolicœur, R. Dell’Acqua, B. Brisson, N. Robitaille, K. Sauvé, É. Leblanc, D. Prime, S. Grimault, R. Marois, P. Sessa, C. Grova, J.-M. Lina, A.-S. Dubarry, Visual Spatial Attention and Visual Short-term Memory: Electromagnetic Explorations of Mind.  V. Coltheart, A Review of Repetition Blindness Phenomena and Theories.  P. Smith, Spatial Attention and the Detection of Weak Visual Signals.  E. McKone, Face and Object Recognition: How Do They Differ?  R. Palermo, G. Rhodes, Is Face Processing Automatic?  C. Umiltà, K. Priftis, M. Zorzi. Visuo-spatial Representation of Number Magnitude.  M. Coltheart, V. Coltheart, Visual Memories.

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Veronika Coltheart is Associate Professor in psychology and member of MACCS at Macquarie University in Australia. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Coltheart was educated in Australia, where she received a B.A. from the University of Sydney and a Ph.D. from Monash University. Her previous academic posts held are: University of Guelph, Canada, and City of London Polytechnic, UK (subsequently London Guildhall University).  Coltheart's research interests include: cognition of briefly presented visual stimuli; repetition blindness and the attentional blink; phonological coding in reading and STM; and learning to read.


"The eyeblink chapter I enjoyed simply because it prompted thought and questions about things I hadn’t previously considered, which is what a book aimed at this level should do. … Senior academics who regularly supervise projects spanning the areas discussed, and departments/libraries with at least a moderate focus on visual cognition research, would benefit strongly from having this text available as a starting point for their postgraduate students." – Craig Hedge, University of Bristol, in Perception