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Twentieth-Century Literature: Texts and Debates

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The volumes of Twentieth-Century Literature: Texts and Debates enable students to engage with representative texts, associated literary and critical debates and the broader historical contexts of twentieth-century literature. They encourage and demonstrate both close analysis of texts and exploration of the contexts in which they were written, touching upon the impact of political and philosophical ideas as well as that of the century's rapidly developing mass media.
All volumes range across canonical and less familiar texts, across the 'high' literary and the popular, across genres and across continents, with work from the UK, the US, European, South American and African countries considered. Used together, and in conjunction with the Twentieth-Century Literature Reader, these volumes represent a wide-ranging introduction to core issues and texts in the study of twentieth-century literature, but they can also be used separately, as detailed below.

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A Twentieth-Century Literature Reader Texts and Debates

A Twentieth-Century Literature Reader: Texts and Debates

1st Edition

Edited By Suman Gupta, David Johnson
April 19, 2005

This critical Reader is the essential companion to any course in twentieth-century literature. Drawing upon the work of a wide range of key writers and critics, the selected extracts provide: a literary-historical overview of the twentieth century insight into theoretical discussions around the ...

Aestheticism and Modernism Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1900–1960

Aestheticism and Modernism: Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1900–1960

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Danson Brown, Suman Gupta
July 12, 2005

This textbook ranges from the early twentieth-century to the full array of modernisms emerging between the First and Second World Wars. The editors introduce twentieth-century debates around genre, form and content reflected in both literary and critical writing of the period, as well as differing ...

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