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Twentieth-Century Literature: Texts and Debates

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The Popular and the Canonical Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1940–2000

The Popular and the Canonical: Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1940–2000

1st Edition

By David Johnson
April 25, 2005

This volume ranges from the Second World War to the postmodern, considering issues of the 'popular' and the competing criteria by which literature has been judged in the later twentieth century. As well as tracing the transition from modernism to postmodernism, the authors guide students through ...

A Twentieth-Century Literature Reader Texts and Debates

A Twentieth-Century Literature Reader: Texts and Debates

1st Edition

Edited By Suman Gupta, David Johnson
January 19, 2005

This critical Reader is the essential companion to any course in twentieth-century literature. Drawing upon the work of a wide range of key writers and critics, the selected extracts provide: a literary-historical overview of the twentieth century insight into theoretical discussions around the ...

Aestheticism and Modernism Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1900–1960

Aestheticism and Modernism: Debating Twentieth-Century Literature 1900–1960

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Danson Brown, Suman Gupta
December 09, 2004

This textbook ranges from the early twentieth-century to the full array of modernisms emerging between the First and Second World Wars. The editors introduce twentieth-century debates around genre, form and content reflected in both literary and critical writing of the period, as well as differing ...

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