Twisted True Tales From Science : Medical Mayhem book cover
1st Edition

Twisted True Tales From Science
Medical Mayhem

ISBN 9781618215727
Published February 1, 2017 by Routledge
160 Pages

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Book Description

Ground-up mummy bones, leeches sucking human blood, and a breakfast of dried mouse paste. It sounds like a horror movie, but those were actual medicines prescribed by early doctors. Medical students studied anatomy on bodies stolen from graves and had to operate on people while they were awake. Learn about the medicines that came from poison and doctors who experimented on themselves and their families. It's a twisted tale of medical mayhem, but it's all true!

Ages 9-12

Table of Contents

Ancient Days Disease and Death Caveman Cures Pharaoh’s Fix Eat Your Dirt Try Tobacco On Pins and Needles The Legend of the Honey Mummy Medical Practice: Heart Pump Medical Practice: Check Your Pupils Medieval Maladies Black Death Pox on You! Bleeding to Health? Barber-Surgeons Nitpicking St. Anthony’s Fire Sweating Sickness A Royal Pain in the Rear Medical Practice: Make Fake Snot Medical Practice: Breeding Bacteria Modern Marvels Father of Anatomy The Body Snatchers Mini Monsters Soap Saves Moldy Cure Pandemic Salk to the Rescue Very Bad Medicine The Strange Case of Phineas Gage Medical Practice: Fever Fighter Medical Practice: Make Your Own Scab Bibliography About the Author

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Stephanie Bearce is a writer, teacher, and science nerd. She likes teaching kids how to blow up toothpaste and dissect worms. She also loves collecting rocks and keeps a huge collection of fossilized bones in her basement. When she is not exploding experiments in her kitchen or researching strange science facts in the library, Stephanie likes to explore catacombs and museums with her husband, Darrell.


This is a definite must have for any middle school science teacher. ,Lori Cirucci,NSTA Recommends, 3/16/17
These books are written for kids, but they are also perfect for adults . . . “Twisted True Tales from Science: Medical Mayhem” will be loved by kids because it is scary and icky and full of blood-curdling science. ,Elaine Wiener,Gifted Education Communicator, 5/1/17
While it's absolutely not for the squeamish, the 9- to 14-year-old with an inquisitive mind and interest in history will love every page. He'll say that “Twisted True Tales from Science: Medical Mayhem” is wicked sick.,Terri Schlichenmeyer,New York Parenting, 4/1/17