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    A detailed account of the way Israel dealt with the Iraqi nuclear buildup between its launch in 1974 and the destruction of the Tamuz I reactor on 7 June 1981. This updated account includes formerly classified information and photographs taken during the mission and from US spy satellites.

    Part 1: The Call to Arms and the Nuclear Race: Ben Gurion's Dilemma  1. The Lion and the Lambs: The Birth of Israel's Nuclear Debate  2. Nasser's Nightmare, Sadat's Solution  3. The Quest for the Muslim Bomb: Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan  4. A Bomb in the Basement: Dayan's Formula  5. Saddam Hussein and Project Tammuz  Part 2: The Decision is Made: The Writing on the Wall - Sabotage in France  6. The Writing on the Wall: Tearing the Thread  7. Final Warning: The Iranian Attack  8. The Trio Decide  Part 3: The Preparations for Operation Babylon: Operation Babylon - Options  9. Operation Babylon: A Second Entebbe?  10. Operation Babylon: Reconnaissance  11. Operation Babylon: The Eagle and the Fighting Falcon  12. Operation Babylon: The Approach Route  13. Operation Babylon: A Choice of Weapons  14. Operation Babylon: Countdown  15. Operation Babylon: Two Minutes over Osirak  Part 4: Judgement: The Jerusalem Statement  16. The Baghdad Statement  17. Dropping Bombs and Clangers: Israel after the Raid  18. The Propaganda War: Hussein Hits Back  19. A Delicate Balancing Act: The American Reaction  20. Israel's Verdict  21. The French Disconnection  22. The Arab World: Bridging the Nuclear Gap


    Uri Bar-Joseph, Michael Handel, Amos Perlmutter