1st Edition

Two-Stroke Cycle Engine It's Development, Operation and Design

By John B. Heywood Copyright 1999

    This book addresses the two-stroke cycle internal combustion engine, used in compact, lightweight form in everything from motorcycles to chainsaws to outboard motors, and in large sizes for marine propulsion and power generation. It first provides an overview of the principles, characteristics, applications, and history of the two-stroke cycle engine, followed by descriptions and evaluations of various types of models that have been developed to predict aspects of two-stroke engine operation.

    1.Overview, Background, and History 2.Gas Exchange Fundamentals 3.Experimental Methods for Quantifying the Scavenging Process 4.Mathematical Models of the Scavenging Process 5.Port, Value, Intake, and Exhaust System Design 6.Combustion 7.Emissions Formation and Control 8.Friction, Lubrication, and Wear 9.Operating Characteristics of Two-Stroke Engines


    John B. Heywood